Max Payne 3 - everything you need to know

In preparation for the slow-mo diving extravaganza that is Max Payne 3 this week, MyGaming catch gamers up with what they need to know about the cop-tuned-vigilante's third outing.

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S_C2113d ago

Does anyone know when the review embargo is up on this ?

Hufandpuf2113d ago

Today! 10/10 - everywhere

LOGICWINS2113d ago

I expect a 10/10 from IGN and a perfect score from most publications. Regardless, I'll be picking up my copy 2morrow morning.

Trenta272113d ago

I seriously can't wait for this game.

esemce2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

I finished it yesterday and it's very good and quite long it has flashback levels where you go back in time to New York and Panama As well as Brazil.

The acting is great like Red Dead, It should get 8.5-9.5 on Sp alone. If you like the old Max Payne and Uncharted/Gears/Alan Wake then you will like this.

Also it is quite gory (bullet holes in the face etc) and has some very dark scenes it is not for kids that's for sure.

The game contains quite a lot.


Story mode (quite long)
Online Multiplayer
Arcade score attack mode
Old school mode
A New York Minute inc Hardcore version with the ability to play as different versions of Max, even funny looking original Max.
And built in cheats such as inf ammo/painkillers, one hit kills.

JimmyP2113d ago

Thanks for the feedback! Good to hear it's got length to it.

SageHonor2112d ago

Thanks bro, mind telling me how long it took you to beat?