Burnout 3: Takedown out now

Thats right, Xbox classic Burnout 3: Takedown has today been added to the Xbox Originals collection and is available to download for 1200 Microsoft points. What a way to warm up for Burnout: Paradise which is due out soon.

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dvx uk3989d ago

Ive downloaded this and its awesome. Well worth the 1200 points :D

Anyone else?

Relcom3989d ago

Anyways Burnout 3 is arguable the best in the series, great game.

moujahed3989d ago

Can you honestly say that without playing the retail version of Burnout Paradise yet?

Gothdom3989d ago

PS3 does it. Just use the PS2 version in the Ps3 and voilà!
and you won't have to pay extra to play it.

The Dude3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )


Not all ps3 have backward compatibility. I own the 80GB ps3 and ps2 games look like @$$ without the emotion engine. Maybe on the 20GB and 60GB ps3's with the emotion engine its a different story.

All you need to play Burnout 3 on a 360 is own the hard drive for backward compatibility and own the xbox game or buy the xbox original download from the market place.

moujahed3988d ago

^ You must be one drugs, I've been playing the First ZOE game for the past week, adn the graphics look slightly better and smoother on my HDTV screen, and I have an 80gig PS3... I had a 60 gig but sold that one for the 80 because of the game, theres no difference in the upscaling, something is either wrong with your unit, tv, or your eyes.

The Dude3987d ago

So ypu must be a fanboy. I played all the ps2 GTA series on my ps3 80GB and it looked awful. Any settings I should change on the ps3?

dvx uk3988d ago

Burnout: Paradise isnt out yet though, so atm this is the best bunout there is!!!!! :D