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GamingTrend writes: "TERA Online’s a MMORPG that’s been getting a fair amount of discussion lately, for a number of reasons – first and foremost the downright beautiful girls gracing just about every screenshot, an example of which you see right at the top of this review. But there’s been buzz about this game going beyond the eye-candy. Talk of how it’s an action-oriented MMO, injecting some well-crafted gameplay into a genre that’s more often known for mere rote button clicking. Well, I dived into The Exiled Realm of Arborea to see what all that talk cashes out to, and whether spending Your hard earned cash on this game is a good idea."

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solar2139d ago

I jumped from the end game of SWTOR to Tera this weekend and in no way in hell am i going back. Tera's combat is so damn fun. Its based off skill instead of gear. Im having an absolute blast, and everyone from our SWTOR guild is playing.

Kamikaze1352139d ago

Great game! The end-game content being added later this month and in the Summer will make it even better!