Sorcery Review Score From OPM UK

The June issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK has shared its verdict on the PS Move exclusive adventure title.

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sinncross1922d ago


Good start!

Hopefully this game gets some audience, it seems like the studio behind it put some love into this Move title.

Akuma-1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

I can't wait to buy this game. I'm hoping it does well saleswise to entice more developers to support the move and fans.

LOGICWINS1922d ago

Does anyone know if there is a demo or upcoming demo for this on PSN?

Sevir1922d ago

Considering how short the game is. I think a demo wouldn't be able to highlight the features adequately! Just gamefly it and if you like it. Buy it... For me its a no brainer.. I'll spend the money and buy it. Move games like this are far and between so I'll support the devs!

Toman851922d ago

Nice score. Hope this will continue. Have preordered it long time ago. Finally a game that shows that Move can do stuff when its done right :)

Im the new Harry Potter of videogames hehe :P

LOGICWINS1922d ago

"Finally a game that shows that Move can do stuff when its done right :)"

Me thinks you haven't played Killzone 3, RE5, or Infamous 2 with Move.

Toman851922d ago

Have played those games. But they havent been build up from ground with Move I suppose. But the accuracy was impressive. Did Killzone 3 on Elite with Move :)

LOGICWINS1922d ago

No one would be able to tell which games are built from the ground up with Move unless the developer told you the case.

If Guerrilla Games had said that Killzone 3 was built from the ground up with Move, everyone would have believed them because of how well it works with KZ3.

YEEES! I've played with Elite, its HARRD. Some situations are downright frustrating with Sharpshooter, but its still fun. As far as MP, Move(without the Sharpshooter) gives you a HUGE edge over everyone on the map who plays with the DS3.

jukins1922d ago

i agree with ya there having played and still playing killzone 3 exclusively with move it feels like it was built from the ground up with it. as with re5 it made a big difference for me to the point it went from unplayable to very playabl, imo. Cant wait for sorcery have high hopes for the game.

spunnups1922d ago

IF...this game scores well, I plan on making the leap and getting the PS Move and Navigation, and yes, i know about the Amazon deal!

ChunkyLover531922d ago

I've had this pre-ordered for a while now, but I'd like to see some other sources and their review scores. I mean, this is the Official PlayStation Magazine. If anyone would give this game a good score, it'd be them.

Fingers crossed for the Move game I've been waiting for since I bought my Move a couple of years ago.