RipTen Preview: From Scribble Fun to Hard Core Shooting, 5th Cell’s Hybrid is an Evolution

Chris Young writes: With such an overloaded market, shooters seriously need to innovate to give players what they want. I am not going to pick on first person or third because both are oversaturated with Ghost Recon and Call of Duty knockoffs. Gears of War took a different approach by requiring players to focus on a cover mechanic while in battle, and as the fans will tell you, it worked. 5th Cell’s Hybrid borrows this principle, enhancing it by requiring the player to jump from cover to cover without free movement.

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PaladinXII2167d ago

Sounds like an interesting take on the genre.

browland12167d ago

Excellent preview. I look forward to seeing how this game turns out.

ostgar2166d ago

Seems like it could be bueno

chrisyoung04222166d ago


It was interesting.