New MMO To Have A Possible 32 Million Subscribers

The latest announcement has confirmed that the game will be released via the popular gaming portal over at Aeria Games, a publishing service that boasts a massive 32 million active player count. An impressive number that dwarfs even World of Warcraft

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nCoGn33t02258d ago

Flawed logic is flawed. Just because this publishing service has 32 million "active accounts", says NOTHING about any accurate hypothetical subscription #s for this MMO, or any other game. It's like saying " 'X game' releasing on XBLA to potentially sell 30+ million copies/downloads..." just because of all the "active" Gold members Live has.

GamerToons2258d ago

Yeah no kidding. Talk about stretching numbers. I love how they don't even talk about the game and when they do, I've never even heard of it.