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BNBGAMING's Martin Watts writes: "When Gameloft announced earlier this year that the N.O.V.A. series would be returning to iOS (and a lot sooner than many of us thought), I was positively excited. Yes, it may be a rip-off of Halo and Crysis, but you can’t blame Gameloft for doing what very few other developers have managed: successfully bringing across the home system experience to the smartphone and tablet market. N.O.V.A. 3 could well be considered the new standard in this regard."

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Jdoki2231d ago

I've been steering well clear of FPS and TPS games on my iPad, but for a few quid this seems like it's worth a go.

BnBMartin2231d ago

What's the reason if you don't mind me asking? Control issues?

Jdoki2230d ago

Yeah, mainly control issues. I have tried a few freebie FPS games but they just didn't feel right. The 'weight' of a mouse / keyboard, or joypad just can't be replicated on a touch screen easily.

I'm not saying FPS / TPS games will never work on touch screen, and maybe NOVA 3 breaks that trend, but out of all the genres that have transitioned to touch controls, FPS are by far the hardest to get right.

Tachyon_Nova2229d ago

I don't think games that require really fine control inputs will ever work until we get touchscreens with advanced haptics that fool our brains into feeling distinct buttons on a smooth screen. Should be a reality within the next few years hopefully. At that point proper hardcore fps and tps games will be a reality on touch only devices.

BnBMartin2230d ago

I'm afraid to say it doesn't break the trend - it's still pretty fiddly. The interface is improved, but otherwise, like you said, it lacks the feel of the classic mouse/keyboard and even joypad setup :(