Clickonline Review – StarHawk

Clickonline writes "StarHawk is a strange old bird.

On the one talon, it’s a derivative repackaging of a half-decade old PS3 launch title, its plumage but plumped with refined visuals, its wingspan tinged a fresh Tower Defence mechanic.

On the other, it is quite possibly the quintessential console multiplayer experience."

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Adolph Fitler2231d ago

A 7 my a$$,....Starhawk is THE BEST online game going around at the moment, and will be for quite some time I'm afraid, as it seems 99% of developers will only be greenlit for a shooter if it follows COD's lead.

It would be nice to see more titles do what Starhawk is doing.....& I don't mean just try to copy & paste the actual game as is, but more to push the boundaries, open up the genre to new things.
I wanted a MAG 2, as MAG isn't just a COD/BF wannabe, but it's it's own entity, a standalone game that added to the genre, instead of stealing from it & over crowding it. I mean, I love me some COD as much as the next man......but comon, for f$#ks sake, how many of the same game can Activision heap on us, then expect us to pay through the nose for a handful of extra maps?
How much longer are gaming journo's who are supposed to know what they are doing, heap praise on these samely experiences, yet burn the crap out of other games for being too samely, how long do we have to be ridiculed with these rehashes being awarded top scores in reviews, while the true innovators & pioneers trying to push a stale genre forward, are beaten down for there efforts, as shown by many sh$thouse, mainstream reviewers with the awesome Starhawk?

Compared with the other dross, rip-offs & re-hashes this genre has been flooded with, Starhawk is an award worthy, 10/10 game that any console owner would LOVE to have grace there machine. I mean, I feel sorry for any 360 only owning, online loving gamer, as this game is made for console online is the pinnacle, the savior of online gaming for me.

I had found no substitute for Socom 2's awesomeness on any console this generation until Starhawk....Warhawk was O.K., but felt like a flight game perfected, but the 3rd person aspect was pretty awful, un-polished & therefore suffered in the fun, unless you dedicated your whole gaming life to being as good a pilot as the other hawkers, your chances of getting fun, as opposed to frustration from that game was next to nil. But, Warhawk was a great platform, & the ultimate example of how to progress a game forward, how to improve upon an already solid platform, & basically how to take a niche, strong only in one area type game, & grow it into a fun across the board, way better experience.

vividi2231d ago

agree, you will see cod bo 10/10, they will say the single player is forgettable but the multi is so awesome huu, but great experience like starhawk get punished hard for nearly the same, that the sad truth of our beloved industry were only the mediocre get rewarded with a few exceptions

ThanatosDMC2231d ago

Love MAG and love Starhawk. I just cant peel off my clanmates off MAG to clan stomp people in Starhawk.

Adolph Fitler2231d ago

If only the big boys, like COD, & such, had the balls to start expanding upon the foundations they've already laid, so many titles ago. Imagine how good the C.O.D. series could be, if liberties were taken & Activision allowed there artists the actual freedom to ply there trade & be the artists they yearn to be, instead of being controlling, tyranical, dictators that have them developing the same game over again, just with different colored trees & ground, enemy uniforms, & new dialogue that somehow feels old. Basically Activision are selling us suckers a retread for the price of a new tyre, then selling is a puncture repaid kit every month thereafter.

Instead, I'd rather be playing a 1st person version of Starhawk....Hey, if it doesn't work & fails to sell well enough....what have Activision really lost? 1 bad apple out of a batch of 7 or 8....then screw it, they can just get on with B.O.2. or MW4. For f$#k sake, they have 3 development teams being wasted on the 1 series of game, strewn across 2 subtitles, & there sticking to the 1 genre....Comon, at least branch off a little.

Starhawk, is without a doubt the best multiplayer game going at present, & thats no easy truly is a masterpiece, & should be experienced by anyone with a PS3 that likes multiplayers games, online competative games.....hell, if you don't have a PS3, you owe it to yourselves as well as these developers one & a copy of there game.
Forget this turdish review, & add at least 2 points if you like multiplayer/online gaming, as this IS THE BEST game of it available on any platform.

360GamerFG2231d ago

Sounds about right.
You know I don't speak Spanish