Analyst: PS3 Install Base Too Small, Blu-ray to Smash HD-DVD

Dailygame discusses low software sales and the relatively small install base of the Sony Ps3 Console:

The install base of the PlayStation 3 is too small for some key developers' tastes, say analysts with theSimExchange, and the PS3 being the lowest-selling game system during the 2007 holiday season isn't likely to help matters.
In October and November, the first-person shooter market -- which analyst Jesse Divnich says can only support two premier titles at once under normal circumstances-- was dominated by The Orange Box and Halo 3 on Xbox 360, while November and December were dominated by Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3. On the PS3, however, The Orange Box saw particularly low sales.

"Unfortunately, the PS3 has such a small install base it is unable to successfully support two first-person-shooters in the same month," said Divnich. "This theory will likely hold true for other great titles under the same genre, with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction cannibalizing each other's sales in December."

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Meus Renaissance3962d ago

Naturally, with any platform, the userbase grows in time. Whether due to price, or software or just time, the amount of players/owners of a console grows. It's simple logic. For example, they'll be a large comparable difference between the user base of this console after MGS4 is launched than say 5 months ago.

However, the peculiar and illogical subject is the lack of exclusives really selling that well on the platform. Whereas something like Assassin's Creed and COD4, who've actually sold more in some regions e.g. Europe than on the Xbox 360, shows that the user base are gamers although with the slow sales of games like Uncharted, whom we all wanted to hit 200K every week for example, didn't. So - what we could argue here is exactly what genre of games do PlayStation 3 owners want?

But to argue that games do not sell on the platform is contradictory to the success Ubisoft and Activision have had on the platform. Hopefully we'll see better software rates as time goes on but I suspect that the Xbox, due to the majority of its hardcore gamers, will have the upper hand in terms of attachment ratio for some time yet.

marinelife93962d ago

I didn't buy Orange Box for PS3 because of what fat @$$ Gabe Newell said about the console. I picked up UT III instead.

mikeslemonade3962d ago

Obviously by key developers they mean EA, Ubisoft, Capcom etc. The games are still coming except they're being ported and their are major exclusives coming 2008 through 2009 for PS3, so it won't matter if "key" developer don't develop for PS3. By 2009 the PS3 will have tied the 360 or surpassed 360 in install base. Don't believe me? If you look during the beginning the of the year the 360 was outselling PS3 in NA and Eur now Eur and Japanese sales alone are large enough to push PS3 worldwide sales ahead of 360 sales by 60,000 units every week. That gap is only going to get larger.

TheTwelve3962d ago

Sure, the PS3 install base is small. It's barely a year old. But by the end of 2008, people are going to see a PS3 that is ready to wipe out even the Wii's installed base.


poos33962d ago

confirmed as he said the ps3 IS TH ELOWEST SELLING SYSTEM in 2007i repeat no tmy words his THE PS3 IS LOWEST SELLING GAME CONSOLE OF 2007 AND THIS IS coming from the simexchange which is a very reliable source for electronic sales

Orange3962d ago

i didn't read the article, but the recap reads ridiculous. PS3 has an install base that almost exactly matches XBox360 the year before, and the 360 had no problems with sales of Gears and Rainbow Six, GRAW 2. PS3 just has an attach rate problem. Why? No idea. Maybe we're less rabid than the 360 owners, or not as dedicated to our console.


These games will still go ahead and sell 3 or 4 million so who gives a shi....


the attach ratio will be an issue if its not adressesd by this year.
frankly, this shouldnt be of concern anymore in 2008 and beyond. sony can now finally focus all their attention on gaming now that the format war is practically over.

nicholascage243962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

PS3 was outsold by x360 or any other console in the market only if you take the American and the Canadian sales into account.

However in terms of global sales xbox 360 is the worst selling console of 2007


Those are the UK numbers. xbox 360 is doing quite decent in UK. Uk and Australia are the only european/PAL territories where xbox 360 is doing well.

look at the overall european numbers here

PS3 125,196 3,654,894
PS2 122,242 45,954,363
PSP 111,941 10,893,457
xbox 360 88,916 5,337,682


North American market is bigger than other markets but not COMBINED

PS2 sold most in europe (around 50m units vs 45m in north america).

North american market is around 45% of the other 2 markets combined.

Please dont be fanboyish like TANOD /ZHUK.

please be factual

If you are taking worldwide sales then xbox 360 is the loser.

If you are taking north american sales then ps3 is the loser.

I meant no offence to you. please dont be agitated

xbox 360 is around 16 million . PS3 is around 9m ( i kinda trust Vgchartz on this but not FULLY)

wageslave3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

"However, the peculiar and illogical subject is the lack of exclusives really selling that well on the platform. Whereas something like Assassin's Creed and COD4, who've actually sold more in some regions e.g. Europe than on the Xbox 360,"

You just keep talking out your arse dont you?

From this story (currently on N4G's frontpage):

Top Ten in the UK:

01 [360] Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare (Activision)
02 [NDS] Dr Kawashima's Brain Training (Nintendo)
03 [NDS] More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima (Nintendo)
04 [WII] Big Brain Academy : Wii Degree (Nintendo)
05 [WII] Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo)
06 [360] Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft)
07 [NDS] Cooking Mama DS (505 Games)
08 [NDS] New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)
09 [PS3] Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare (Activision)
10 [PS3] Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft)

Where exactly are you getting your numbers from pal. Please, quit talking out your anus.


Well, the American market *DOES* exist doenst it? And, it happens to be larger than EU and Japan combined -- so, to try and ignore it for the purpose of making bullshiat fantasy-land comments like yours, just makes you look truely desperate.

No matter how you slice it, Xbox 360 consoles and titles were more than half of the planet's sales for 2007. And, the Xbox 360 has more than twice the world-wide install base.

And there is zero reason to think that wont remain the same in 2008. ZERO.

TheTwelve3962d ago


Not, not zero.

1. Blu Ray won, making the PS3 so much more attractive.
2. PS3 has historically its best franchises coming out this year.
3. 360 will never beat the PS3 in worldwide sales ever again, and I predict that the PS3 will tie the 360 in total American sales this year.


poos33962d ago

HAHAHAHA U POST vgcharts ??? plz u driods need to try harder last time the vg chart shorted the 360 cell by 200.00k units and boosted the ps3 sales until npd came out then they had to change it have u noticed ur sonysriod CHUMS have stopped posting npd these analyst no more about the business than ur fonydriod brain and vgcrapcharts that 1s yupon a time u sony droids claimed was crap also remember that time kid?

BrianC62343962d ago

"I didn't buy Orange Box for PS3 because of what fat @$$ Gabe Newell said about the console. I picked up UT III instead."

That's a big reason I didn't buy it either. Also, I have HL2 on the PC and really, it bored me. I don't get what the big deal is about that series. It isn't for me at least.

I didn't buy Assassin's Creed either. Until yesterday that is. Target has it on sale right now for the PS3 and 360 for only $38. If the Orange Box goes down to that cheap then I might change my mind.

The truth is, when you're paying $60 a game you aren't going to buy every game that comes out. I look at things like too much hype like Assassin's Creed and comments made by people like Gabe Newell. He should have kept his big trap shut. I know a lot of PS3 gamers read what he said and decided against the Orange Box.

lawman11083962d ago

1.45 million Xbox 360 consoles sold in Dec

According to simExchange's predictions, they believe the Xbox 360 sold 1.45 million consoles in December with the Wii moving 1.73 million and the PS3 selling 854,000 consoles. And if their estimates are correct, then we must give the 360 a pat on the back for keeping its distance from the PS3 and closing the gap on Wii sales, even if there were "shortages". Continuing our look into the simExchange's crystal ball of December sales we see that over 1 million copies of Call of Duty 4 on the 360 were sold and over 500,000 copies of Mass Effect flew off shelves. Overall, it is predicted that the industry as a whole will see a sales record in December with $2.48 billion in software sales. Make the jump to read simExchange's December video game sales predictions as well as their optimistic view on the PS3 and Blu-ray. You know, because Blu-ray is teh hawtness right now. Feel free to openly weep now fan douches.

fusionboxer3962d ago

Is that analysts say the ps3 has an install base that is "too small" for developers tastes, but they don't mention or quote anyone.

Sure the ps3 has the smallest install base out right now, but what's small? Is over 3 million small? Sure it may not be up to the same level as the other consoles out right now, but to think that developers would actually say i'm not making a game for that console because the install base is only about 3 million large is ridiculous.

Back in the days of the xbox team ninja supported the xbox despite the small install base and we got some great games. We got Ninja Gaiden, we got halo, we got pgr, we got forza. I mean most of those were 1st party or published by MS, but what's the difference now? More people play games then ever before and developers should take advantage of that.

Like Hayashi of Team ninja stated:
Other developers are afraid to release crappy products so they use the excuse of a small install base as a defense. It's pathetic and annoying as hell. Have confidence in your product and realize that it's because of your games that people buy systems. (Yea his words might have been a tad nicer, but that's the translation).

Fat Bastard3962d ago

Dudes, the PS3 outsold the 360 this last holiday season, and you all know it. And is 9 million in 1 year compared to 16 million in 2 years really that bad? No, and since the PS3 has already outsold the 360 in Europe and Japan total, it is doing very well. I know America is another thing, and I know it is much larger then Europe and Japan, but you have to be fair and at least say the PS3 is doing quite well. I personally think the PS3 will do some damage in 2008, but even for now, the PS3 has a good install base. And I'm not posting this towards Menus Raisannce, I am to all you who think the PS3 is sucking, cause it's not.

Ju3962d ago

I don't know, why people still believe the US market is bigger then EU. It's not any more. 490M people live in the EU compared to 300M in the US (July 2007). The buying power in some eastern regions of the EU needs to increase (or catch up to the western levels), but it will happen and is steadily growing. Sooner or later the EU market is about twice as big as the US. The over all numbers this year showed, that the market could pretty much keep up with the US market. This is probably also the reason, why MS themselves have put an emphasis on the European market - with lower success, though.

LastDance3961d ago

Wageslave. how many of that install base have returned/repaired consoles.
Theres nothing to be gloating about my friend.

Very very embarrasing.

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klashawnd3962d ago

The reason why Orange Box got low sales on the PS3 is because hardcore gamers knew it was a broken product with frame rate issues and was destined to be a shi++y port as EA was in charge and not Valve. So basically it was a bad product and who in their right mind is going to buy a bad product for the PS3 when they can get the same great product on the 360 and PC?

This is setting up to be Sony's year with the Blu-ray format win, Home, LBP, MGS4, etc. but if they don't capitalize on it then it's all over and they are destined to be 3rd this generation. And they will have no one to blame but themselves (and Bill Gates' extremeeeeeely deep pockets).

wageslave3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

I wouldnt write-out HD-DVD just yet. It has 85% of the computer market, its going to stick around a long while.

There are more HD-DVD drives (not stand-alone (including the PS3) mind you) in existence than their are BR.

Further, who cares about HD-DVD *or* BR movies? The world is *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*. There will not be another widespread format.

"Apple has gone to the Blu-Ray side now releasing iMacs and other Apple computer products with blu-ray drives strictly."

Jesus, F-ing christ -- who cares about Apple? They are less than 3% of the world's PC industry. They mean NOTHING.


"Xbox 360 is the lowest selling console in 2007 "

On WHAT planet do you live? Worldwide, Sales are Wii, Xbox 360 and then PS3 in third.

What *are you talking about*?

Silvanos3962d ago

"The reason why Orange Box got low sales on the PS3 is because hardcore gamers knew it was a broken product with frame rate issues and was destined to be a shi++y port.."

I agree 100%

I was waiting to get this for the PS3 but when all the reviews started saying it was a bad port I went and bought it for the 360.

TheExecutive3962d ago

there are definitely other uses that HD-DVD can be used for... as for movies, I think they are done.

mboojigga3962d ago

The reason it got low sales is the same reason the majority of the games have had low sales....It is a BR player first in the majority of owners eyes and that it offers gameplay option. Meaning most people who actually own a PS3 are just movie buffs. Thats your excuse about hardcore users not buying Orange Box. But what is the excuse for Uncharted(great game by the way), Rachet, countless other games that have came to the system. All over the world software wise the PS3 is being beat. So bragging about 1 game in the top 10 doesn't make much sense. How long do we keep saying well we need to wait on the install base. Wasn't the case with the 360 that sold more software than both the Wii and PS3 combined for 07.

I notice you don't mention the other issues that really are a concern for owners and that is not being able to play your games in hi-def. Some owners do not have 720P capable displays. They are not going to bother to upgrade when the 360 does all the resolutions. Too many issues and excuses that keep coming up about this system. The competition clearly has gamers buying games vs movie buffs being converted in to gamers for the PS3.

IntelligentAj3962d ago

The problem with DD is the bandwidth. You know how long it'll take to download an HD movie now? I highly doubt that anyone is arguing that it's not the future(because it is when speeds improve) but not now. The majority of people won't wait 6-7 days(maybe longer) to download a movie.

poos33962d ago

LETS NOT FORget they said the ps3 is the lowest selling console this year meaning it came last in hard ware sales confirmed .

bym051d3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Of course you wouldn't write-off HD-DVD, Wageslave. You're an XBOX fanboy mark.

You probably were trumpeting how the original XBOX was going to destroy the PS2, up until the day the 360 came out.

Oh, but that's right, Blu-ray and HD-DVD don't matter. It's all about Digital Distribution. I bet it wouldn't be about DD if Blu-Ray had been the loser.

Ashta3962d ago

What is this 85% your talking about?

Apple has gone to the Blu-Ray side now releasing iMacs and other Apple computer products with blu-ray drives strictly.

Dell has been shelving out blu-ray writable and readable drives in their XPS, Optiplex, and upgradable to be included in Inspirion for months now.

The only company that has been a good supporter of HD-DVD readable drives is HP and they offer both formats to be included. Blu-Ray pretty much has the PC/Apple market cornered so I don't see where you pulled your number from. Oh wait....

nicholascage243962d ago

again you are being fanboyish

Xbox 360 is the lowest selling console in 2007 . However PS3 is the lowest selling console in North america

monks3962d ago

you seem to be forgetting in the PC market

HP, Dell, Acer, back blu-ray aswell as apple so i think the pc area they have some good ground

i think 38%+ helps and thats with 3 of the main companys

toshiba only have 4.1% of the market share i an bit sure who else is ther backer so i am sure it is higher than that but i think Blu ray has the edge


BrianC62343962d ago

From what I've read the problems with the PS3 version of the Orange Box are exaggerated. There are some minor framerate issues but nothing to keep you from playing the games. It looks like EA did a decent job. For a port that is. That's the problem though. I don't really feel like wasting much money on games that are ported to the PS3. They won't use much of the PS3's power.

sak5003962d ago

@klash: "- Bad comparison...
The reason why Orange Box got low sales on the PS3 is because hardcore gamers knew it was a broken product with frame rate issues and was destined to be a shi++y port as EA was in charge and not Valve.

So what about COD4 on ps3? Was it broken too?
01 [360] Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare (Activision)
09 [PS3] Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare (Activision)

Fat Bastard3962d ago

Dudes, lets leave Jesus out of this, no need to get mad and throw his name around. And as a side note, everyone saying the 360's install base is twice the PS3's is wrong. Last time I checked, 16 million wasn't more then twice as much as 9 million, so stop lying boys.

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light3962d ago

These analyst needs to go to school

jorellpogi3962d ago

Those analysts lacks common sense.

wageslave3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

You PS3 fans just make me giggle:

Low PS3 reviews: "oh, MS buys reviews"
Sony CAUGHT trying to buy reviews: "oh, everyone does it"
Developers say PS3 is a bad design for game programming: "Developers are lazy"

And now:

Analyst says Pubs/Devs worried about low install base: "oh, the analysts are stupid"

Hey kids, its easy for ANYONE who can read to understand. Pubs/Devs make money on unit sales. The Xbox 360 has the highest per-console attach rate and more than twice the install base. What PART OF THAT requires an "analyst" at all to understand?

CLEARLY Developers and Publishers would be worried about releasing games on PS3.

Multi-platform games perform better, have more features, get better reviews and cost less to produce (due to the great developer-centric design of the Xbox 360) on the Xbox 360.

The only reason PS3 has any exclusives is because Sony is giving them something (Direct $? Marketing Budgets? Royalty discounts?) -- it just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE to release PS3 exclusives.

The Xbox 360 has _unprecedented_ developer support. PC Devs are moving their titles to the Xbox 360.

Want proof? Look here:

name3962d ago

Most PS3 owners didn't buy the orange box because 1. it's a crappy port. 2. Gabe newells comments. I don't see how he said the console is a waste of time and then gets surprised when his team didn't even "waste their time" on actually making the version themselves. Funny how they didn't mention Call of duty 4 or Assassin's creed's sales.

fenderputty3962d ago

They claim that no more then one shooter can survive on the low PS3 userbase. They use poor Orange Box sales to prove this. They totally forgot about UT3 though. There were acutally two shooters doing well at one time. It was the third one that got left out.

kingnick3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Newell's entitled to his opinions as are you to yours.

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and Assassin's Creed came out months after Newell made his comments.

Lord Cheese3962d ago

i think you're assuming that a lot of ps3 owners know who gabe newell is, which i think is something of a stretch. I really dont think that makes that much of a difference except to the hardcore/dedicated gamers who pay attention to the gaming press.

Snukadaman3962d ago

But forget too mention ultimate tournament 3's terrible sales as cant mention orange boxes sales without mentioning how well it did on the xbox 360...first week sales for orange box on the xbox 360 was 300K...its at 462k...161K for a install base of 3 1/2 million consoles in america is way below projected sales ..and anyone who says the ps3 is keeping up with the xbox's first year sales are lying too 4 million xboxes they managed too sell 600K copies of gears of war in the first week and managed too sell 1.1 million in 3 weeks..theres no excuse that games like uncharted or even ultimate tournament 3 should do better or even surpass either a developer you look at those sales and figure if it sells best on first day release..then the rest of the weeks what you sell is icing on the cake.

games4fun3962d ago

gabe said that crap and EA was making the game i decided to buy UT3 instead and i did so i know at least one sale was lost by me

lawman11083962d ago

COD4 on 360 = 2 million plus PS3 =713,000 Assassins creed on 360 = 1.5 Million on the PS3=602,667 Guitar Hero II 360=1.4 Million on the PS3 =419,832 Who would you make a game for if your money were on the line? The 360 sells games. PERIOD.

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fenderputty3962d ago

UT3 was also available during this time period. There were three shooters and not two. Orange Box, Cod4, UT3.