Why Pokémon on Wii U Could be the Best Thing Ever

DJP's Dan:

"Since its inception in the late 90s, the Pokémon series has been a Nintendo handheld staple with a generation appearing on each portable iteration. Recently however, we’ve been a little spoilt for choice when it comes to the games Nintendo have released for their DS console. What started out as Diamond and Pearl versions has quickly grown into remakes, another generation and direct sequels. Eight Pokémon titles on one console is bordering on insanity, and with the 3DS semmingly being ignored we began thinking about the next logical step: The Wii U."

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Y_51502140d ago


NeXXXuS2139d ago

i would actually love turn based battles in a full 3-D and explorable environment.

raytraceme2139d ago

I want a Colosseum equivalent for the wii u!!!

Pokemon Battle Revolution was humbug for the wii and I am surprised that Nintendo didn't have any other big pokemon release either.

Ken222139d ago

If they made an RPG type of Pokemon game that would make the WII U fly off shelfs.

Neko_Mega2139d ago

In less it is a RPG or something like that, I don't see it being that great. I did like the one for Gamecube were you can jack the other persons Pokemon.

LOGICWINS2139d ago

Best thing ever? Nope, not better than Mila Kunis making out with Natalie Portman...but a full fledged Pokemon RPG for the Wii U is a guaranteed money maker.

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The story is too old to be commented.