Alienware Launches High-End Tri-SLI Gaming Rig

Dan Nicolae Alexa writes:

"The gaming-monsters emanating from Alienware have found a new member, impersonated by the Area-51 7500 ALX SLI desktop system. Packing 3 8800 GTX or Ultra video cards from Nvidia, under the Tri-SLI or 3-Way SLI technology, Alienware Area-51 7500 LAX is definitely one of the most advanced gaming systems currently available on the market."

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Marceles3987d ago

"....enough to run Crysis with 60fps at the monstrous resolution of 2560x1600, with 8X AA activated. That's 2.8 times more speed than in a single 8800 Ultra."

Wow so this is what it takes huh? *looks at $5,000 price tag* :((((

eyeballpauluk3987d ago

amazing amount of power from this...with a price to match! But from what ive read, the new 9 series cards will have roughly double the power of 8 series (how much of that is truth I dont know tho!), so if youowere going to sppnd serious money on a PC, then Id wait the very short time till the 9 series cards come out!

Gondee3987d ago

It seems that thay are only slightly more powerfull than the ultra. The specs are now avalable.

eyeballpauluk3986d ago

only a little more powerful than the ultra? ok well thats a huge dissappointment for me. I have an 8800GTX OC jsut I wsant going for a 9 series anyways....

Im waitin on the 10 series cumin out, and ill swap over my 8800 for it, then upgrade my dual core to quad core...that will do me fine!

dilibau3987d ago

OMG that is like the wettest dream with the most gorgeous gurlz eva, for any PC gamer... why am I not Bill Gates... :(((