Download-driven Xbox 720 could save Silent Hill, says Cliff Bleszinksi

OXM UK: Also, "why don't I have a multiplayer Fatal Frame yet?"

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dirigiblebill2260d ago

Budget-priced sub-10-hour survival horror, at a reasonably regular rate? I'd buy that s**t. I'd buy that s**t a million times.

theeg2260d ago

psn and xbox live need only try to mimick Steam as much as they can

valve utterly DESTROYS xboxlive and psn in sales, features and quality

with over 45 million users whom 95% of buy things regularly, valve is basically printing money and has the most competitive price in the industry

TheEatingOrange2260d ago

Save silent hill? Why? The latest game is fucking amazing

n4gisatroll2260d ago

I agree. Lot of the fanboys will hate on it, but I thought it was the best since 2.

Venox20082260d ago

I would say best since 3 or 4 :) though I did like Origins and Shattered memories

floetry1012260d ago

Damn, say what you will about Cliffy, but the dude has taste. Fatal Frame 2 is great, Silent Hill 2 is a masterpiece.

I gotta disagree with him in regards to the latest Silent Hill though. I thought it was a step in the right direction for the series. Problematic, but obviously made with a passion for the original Team Silent titles.

Also, he mentioned the film Solaris. What a boss. Silent Hill fans should be renting/buying this film right now. Whether it's the original Russian film or the American remake.

user54670072260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

"Silent Hill 2's one of my favorite games of all time," he said. "I miss that experience. But mark my words, if we get to just fully-connected consoles that have e-shops and everything like that, you might see the rise or re-emergence of the scary horror genres as $20 or $30 games. Maybe it's only six hours and scares the crap out of you, and you're good and that's it, or they'll be delivered in episodes.""

So's not the 720 just next gen consoles in general.

No offense but multiplayer dosen't belong in co-op it's people like him that give people like Capcom the nudge to ignore fans and keep adding multiplayer/co-op in games like RE

If Cliffy B can show us it can be done then fair enough...but he hasn't so I bet he dosen't know that it just can't be done

I mean did Capcom really have to have co-op characters for each scenario...Piers, Helena, Sherry. I can only stand Sherry because she is someone that was in RE2 and hasn't been seen for ages. Hell even Jake Mullers story will be melee based...I mean melee in RE....come on this isn't RE: TEKKEN.

""You know what else I would consider, from a production standpoint, is what if I was running Capcom? I would split Resident Evil - and this may be a mistake but I'm just throwing an idea out there. I would do the Resident Evil, you know, "Merc Ops," where you're these badass soldiers who clean out zombies and you're just like "the guys."

"And then do Resident Evil: Special Victims Unit. Where it's the stories of the ordinary people, where you see one zombie and that's scary and maybe you can fend that one off, but you get more than two or three and you do nothing but run, Walking Dead style. And see it from both sides."

I honestly thought the whole point of Operation Raccoon City was so they could focus on Horror for RE6 and not structure the game around co-op. Oh but no...they wasted a chance of sperating action RE fans and the old loyal fans, not just by adding co-op again but adding co-op for all three scenarios where only one of them out of the three is full on horror (I hope) which is Leons story. Thats roughly 33% of the story which will be what RE is all about while the majority of the game will be about over the topm action and fighting

user54670072260d ago

"No offense but multiplayer dosen't belong in co-op"

No offense but multiplayer dosen't belong in horror games***

Jeez I'm totaly out of it today...

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