Possible Dealbreaker For The Elder Scrolls Online In The Future

Techtorial: Keep doing what works, and stop doing what doesn’t work. For Bethesda, that means sticking to its guns like publishing more action-adventure / action-RPG type of titles and focusing less on other ventures like first-person shooter or, MMOs. Here's a list of deal breaker that should be avoided by Zenimax Online / Bethesda in order for The Elder Scrolls Online to survive.

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SolDojo2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

How about you wait until there is some actual substance to your arguments before you make claims like "to be avoided for ESO to survive".

This just like articles talking about how, if Bethesda didn't radically alter the gameplay of OBV/FO3 for Skyrim, the game wouldn't sell at all.

Turns out they were fairly similar, yet the latter is a more refined version of the former, making some great strides in the right direction, while also making some great strides in the wrong direction.

ESO already has announced several game changing features, like three factions, a fully unique leveling experience for each faction, and the ability to be the Emperor of Cyrodiil, controlling the Imperial City for your faction.

If those features alone aren't enough to keep you interested enough to pay attention for new announcements, you should likely just steer completely clear of any MMO environment, because any one you enter is going to be less "innovative"...

But, really, keep telling people how ESO has to come out F2P or it will fail. You look REALLY smart and informed, let me tell ya. Almost as if you formed some baseless opinion out of generalizing the sentiments of bored and jaded MMO players that constantly post how bored and jaded with MMOs they are, on any and every forum they can get on. That group is known as the vocal minority, and is generally accepted to be poor for the games industry as a whole to take them seriously. Kind of like this sort of "journalism" ...

thorstein2290d ago

Nice reply. I will be looking forward to this and I am not a big MMO fan, but Skyrim actually has me excited for it.

I love how the writer claims it is a "Dealbreaker." For whom? COD has had plenty of "dealbreakers." But alas, it is still a Juggernaut.

Elder Scrolls has brand recognition and RPGers are as excited about this as CODers are about BLOPS 2.

They would really have to fail hard for this NOT to succeed.

Great reply and bubs!

Gambit_the_White2289d ago

When I say I want an Elder Scrolls MMO, and I believe I also speak for many more people, I mean a game exactly like Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim, but in multiplayer. Not a game which looks exactly like every MMO out there (in terms of graphics/art direction, no 1st person view and stuff like that). If I could play those three games online with a group of friends, that would be a dream come true.

In my opinion, they need to stay true to the other ES games to succeed.