Why the Industry should follow Starhawk’s Free Maps Approach

The Analog Stick writes "Its an age where publishers charge $15 for map packs (See: Call of Duty), or offer a “Season Pass” to grant access to all future map packs by paying for them all at once at a discounted price. But not everyone has extra money lying around to spend on overpriced DLC. See why having free map packs is a good idea for both the customers and the publishers".

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OhReginald2108d ago

Game companies will charge $15 for map packs if they can get away with it.

Ser2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

They can...and they will.

Unless something extraordinary happens that changes the way things work, it'll be this way for a while. For better or for worse.

Soldierone2108d ago

Instead they should follow the old formula.....make a complete game on the disc. Remember UT3? 40 plus unique maps....and then to top it off FREE DLC to add to it....

If we got 40 or anywhere close to 40 maps then i'd gladly pay for DLC every day of the week. However we get maybe 10 to 15 and then DLC is announced before the game ever releases, so it gets annoying.

CommonSense2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

How is it StarHawk's approach? Lots of companies not only give away maps...but they give away entire games. Valve, for example.

Nikobaxton2108d ago

Oh yes thanks, I was citing the consoles, but valve has had tremendous support for their pc games in particular. I'll add that to the article thanks.

Adolph Fitler2108d ago

What games do Valve give away? I had to pay for my copy of Orange Box on 360? Also had to buy my copy of Half Life on PS2.

They may give away some pc titles, but bet your balls there giving them away is not just to be nice & give stuff away.....otherwise why haven't they given away a console game in the entire span of consoles existances?

Starhawk is an awesome game, & Lightbox Interactive ARE THE BEST developers of online console forget bringing PC centric developers into it, as when you mention Valve's name....I think of that fat, lazy, hamburger eating pr%$k Gabe Newell, that told Sony & PS3 owners (when only in the 10-15 million userbase range) to get f$#ked the 1st time by handing off development of The Orange Box to EA for the PS3 version, which mean't PS3 only owners got a half ar$ed stuttering frame rate.....why, because PS3 architecture posed more of a problem than more pc friendly consoles...I mean, seriously Gabe, how hard could it have been considering HF2 was probably 5-6yrs old, & the other components mainly used the same engine, & if not, not much more technically prowess. Then to add insult to PS3 only owners, Gabe openly one finger salutes them by stating he won't be developing ANYTHING for PS3, but will gladly leave his tongue firmly planted up Bill Gates ar$e by supporting the then substantially larger userbase on 360....& goes on to release L4D 1 & 2 on 360 exclusively, 2 games which under-delivered in graphical execution & depth & the extra dlc was at a chargeable rate, as opposed to this farcicle, magical, free Valve fairytale I'm reading about.

Starhawk is a faaaaar better game than TF2, LFD2, or any other lazy abbreviated named online game Valve has mustered up yet.....& although I did love CS, it now is COD's b1tch when it comes to arcadey fps online games.....

Nobody is offering anything free on it'd be nice if turds like Activision gave us all the maps on the disk with a new COD re-release (seeing every new game is just a belated map pack anyhow), & there after, either sold there 3-4 extra maps for something far more reasonable than $15us ($22au), maybe even give us a map or 2 god forbid. Hell, dellusionists on here seem to think Valve would.

Spydiggity2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

"Starhawk is a faaaaar better game than TF2, LFD2, or any other lazy abbreviated named online game Valve has mustered up yet"

you're just a fanboy. also, those games have names...the abbreviations just make it easier for morons like you type them.

and TF2 is free to play. so you're also one of those ignorant people that loves to spout off about things he doesn't know anything about. typical

Redlogic2106d ago

I don't think LBI has gotten enough credit for doing this. I thinks it's a fantastic move by a great dev.

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