In-depth: Is it time for a text game revival? | Gamasutra

For years, the traditional publishing industry has been telling us that nobody wants story-driven adventures or game forms oriented around interactive storytelling. But the Kickstarter age has been showing us something a little bit different, amid successful fundraising for developers of renowned adventure games of yore.

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3GenGames2108d ago

A text based game should be a nice week project in javascript with canvas. In fact, I'd give it a try if somebody made it.

camel_toad2108d ago

Id love to play a new text adventure, one that has pictures and no words. Jk those were the good old days involving your own imagination, similar to "books".

kesvalk2108d ago

text based was only a way to circumvent the resource limit of the epoch, going back to text based is ridiculous except for the small group that grew up with it and use nostalgia goggles 24/7...

GraveLord2108d ago

LOL. No.
If anything, text based games would be perfect for mobile phones, but even those are way too advanced for simple text games.

Tarmgar2108d ago

MUDs. Yes. Soooo many memories :D.