Bayonetta – Retrospect

The Independent: "Why the recent rumours of Sega's cancellation of Bayonetta 2 spells bad news for gamers."

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MWH1923d ago

the sadest news of recent memory, how can a game like Bayonetta not have a sequel? it doesn't make sense at all whatever way you thought about it.

but hope remains unchattered.

The Meerkat1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

The gameplay was good, but the story, 'it doesn't make sense at all whatever way you thought about it'

MWH1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

don't be absurd bud, i agree that a good story is important but in a game like Bayonetta this can be easily overlooked. beside, the story wasn't worse than some "story oriented" games.

Bayonetta successfuly presented unparalleled action and style perhaps equaled only by the original DMC in my personal opinion.

one of the few games you can purly enjoy.

Venox20081923d ago

nice to see another Bayonetta's fan out there.. yeah, it's a f****ing great gameplay and fun, one of the best combat system I've saw ever, very fast and responsive... story wasn't serious and I liked it, because there are too many games these days, too many serious games, that's not good from my perspective.. it would be my worst nightmare if they won't do a sequel (maybe we'll see B in a E3..who knows).. but this game made Platinum Games most sales, so I hope that they will make a sequel..

ShaunCameron1922d ago

It would be a real shame, because Bayonetta is one of the reasons why I even own an HD console in the first place.