Tales of: Next game will be out for HD consoles

The next Tales of will be a "Mothership" game.

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Snookies122255d ago

Console, or consoles? That's a big difference lol.

Canary2255d ago

Not... really. HD means no Wii, and as stupid as Bandai is, it'll be a cold day in hell before they release another 360-exclusive.

Which means it'll be on PS3.

Which might SOUND nice at first.

But then you realize it'll be the best Tales Of game in history and will never see a release outside of Japan because WE CANNOT HAVE NICE THINGS.

Snookies122255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

They could very well be developing for Wii U as well, I mean it's almost out... So that's always a possibility.

And why would a PS3 exclusive Tales game not make it here? I know Xilia hasn't yet, but that doesn't mean it won't. They gave us Graces f, which of course was on Wii exclusively, but they still brought it over to PS3.

I do doubt they'll have it on Xbox though, as Vesperia didn't sell as well as they wanted it to. Then again, most Xbox owners don't buy an Xbox for RPGs...

DarkZane2255d ago

This isn't gonna be on Wii U. When this is gonna be released, the Wii U will just have come out and its fan base will be far too small to meet Namdai expected numbers.

Hicken2255d ago

Stupid? Vesperia's going on 4 years old now and has already been caught by Xillia, which came out just last year. Graces f, just a few months old, is right behind it. I don't think it's "stupid" of them to not waste resources on a version that will sell poorly.

Simply put, the JRPG has a bigger fanbase on the PS3, most of whom- like myself- made the transition from the title-heavy PS2 to its successor in anticipation of new games. Therefore, it's smarter to focus on the PS3 first.

It's not likely to be on the Wii U for similar reasons: not enough people are likely to have one by the time this game comes out, though a port may later be made.

So, using a little good sense, it's not difficult to see how the PS3 is the best current option.

fermcr2255d ago

I find it funny people claiming it will be a PS3 exclusive, like JRPG's on the PS3 have great sales!!!

There are probable 3 or 4 JRPG's on the PS3 that had good sales... FF13, FF13-2 (did it have good sales?), Deamon Souls and Dark Souls. Am i forgetting any ?

Baka-akaB2255d ago

er the best selling "Tales of" game in ages was on ps3 just recently ...

and if anything Tales of Graces easily outperformed the wii version ..

ZeroX98762255d ago


Don't forget that even if the number titles isn't impressive, it doesn't change the fact that most of the JRPG fanbase are in Japan (duh!) so they need to put this game on japan's most popular console. Wii as proven that "Tales of" Games are not selling very well on that console. The 360 isn't even near the hardware sales number of the PS3, so by elimination, PS3 is the good console to release this game on.

But there's always the possibility of multiplat, but I know Tales of studio is in big debts and Vesperia didn't sell as much on 360 then PS3 and the PS3 version was Japan only release.

ronin4life2255d ago

@zero the wii version sold poorly because it was a peace of crap(major bugs and all that.) meant as a test for the ps3 rerelease. Vesperia was also a test for a ps3 re release all along.
If they had actually tried making a good game, it probably would have sold better.

So I'm calling it now: it will be an unfinished wiiu exclusive that gets booted to the ps3 with the love and attention it always deserved a year later.

MWH2255d ago

let's hope it's "Consoles" buddy, everyone deserve a piece of Tales.

KonaBro2255d ago

Considering the gangbusters that Tales of Xilia did in Japan on just the PS3 alone, I'm pretty sure PS3 is automatically confirmed. What the other HD console they are referring to could very well be 360 even though it won't do anywhere near PS3 numbers. However, what really brings this story home is the fact that the countdown timer for the reveal ends on June 2nd, the day before E3 so it's going to be a worldwide release. My guess? Tales of Xilia for PS3/360 or a new PS3 exclusive Tales. Only time will tell.

NewMonday2255d ago

maybe also the WiiU.

my dream is for a PS3xPSV compatible Tales game, i want it with me all the time

Game4life2255d ago

Aren't the Tales of festivals usually in like the later half of the year? seems suspicious

Ilovetheps42255d ago

I just bought Tales of the Abyss for the 3DS. It is my first Tales game and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I might go back and play some more of their RPG's. But either way, I will keep an eye out for this next Tales game.

ThePsychoGamer2255d ago

Actually just because it will be a "mothership" game doesn't mean it will be on home consoles. Tales of Innocence and Tales of Hearts where both mothership games that where released on the DS.

Baka-akaB2255d ago

Of course not , but so far they havent met the success of the others , so it would be a safe bet .

Why wouldnt they want a shot at xilia level sales again ?

ThePsychoGamer2255d ago

I'm just responding to something the author said in the article

"the new game is a "mothership" title will be, which means that it is a brand new game for HD consoles,"

Jazz41082255d ago

I do believe skyrim on the 360 outsold the ps3 version and it played and looked better. If its promoted well it will sell on the 360 just fine. I loved Vesperia and just finished playing it again on my 360 before I played graces on ps3. They were both good games. My point is ms paid to have vesperia on their platform which I have no doubt paid them enough to make up for the sales. I also think what hurt vesperia was it was out fairly early in the 360 life span and it was not a recognized brand on microsofts console and more known on Nintendo and Japan.

KonaBro2255d ago

No really what the hell are you talking about? Skyrim's sales have nothing to do with this. The fact remains that Tales of Xilia was a PS3 exclusive and sold amazingly in Japan. Namco wants that to happen again and there's no point in wasting money bringing it to the 360 if it won't sell enough copies to justify its creation. Also, the Tales of series has always been known as a Nintendo/Sony game. The gamble they took with the 360 and Vesperia did not pay off for them even after paying for the exclusive, which is why I now doubt you'll see a 360 Tales of version made unless it's being sold in America.

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