Gizmodo on the CES banning

Gizmodo writes:

"A Gizmodo writer has been banned from CES for a prank. But when I see some fellow press damning us for the joke, I feel sorry for them: When did journalists become the protectors of corporations? When did this industry, defined by pranksters like Woz, get so serious and in-the-pocket of big business? This is totally pathetic."

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Andronix3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Gizmodo's response to the member of staff is a long diatribe about not selling out, but I think they have their wires crossed.

When a blog/website resists pressure by companies to review products highly, else face being blackballed, THIS is standing up to conglomerates, THIS is standing up for good journalistic principles. Turning of TV screens is not the same thing.

I watched the video, and found it quite funny for a while. Turning of random screens might have been okay. But what wasnt funny is there are people who are trying to do a presentation, and the guy was ruining it. Believe it or not, these people take weeks to prepare these presentations at it is the big-reveal of upcoming products. All journalists/bloggers who go to CES (or any other show) go there in a spirit of good faith. I know Gizmodo were trying to have a bit of fun, their actions dont make them criminals -but they went to far. Video games have gone mainstream. Its a real business. We all love video games, and have fought hard for our hobby to be taken seriously. Video game journalists now risk that reputation being ruined because of one website who didnt want to play fair. Gizmodo, stand up to the bullies, fight against review pressure, but don't sh*t on other people's hard work.

Azures3989d ago

pieces of sh!t, and brian lam is the sh!t king.

Hellgiver3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Though it was pretty funny to watch, Gizmodo had to know it was going to turn out like this. Perhaps you shouldn't hire writers you believe to be too immature to be trusted with just doing his job. Usually stuff along these kinds of pranks happen as a result of being in a crowd or being caught up in the moment and figuring the joke is worth the small punishment, or even ignoring any consequences. But then Gizmodo starting going bigger and bigger, ruining presentations and exhibition matches, which were originally completely in the company's favor. This is just childish, and everyone had to know they'd get banned.

If they hadn't put this stuff on their site, who knows? Maybe it'd have been a funny prank only they'd know about. Anyways, that's what you get, and don't act like you are righteous by hiding behind something such as their journalistic duty not including protecting the corporations. What you did was go out of your way to annoy and probably cost those corporations money through such pranks.

While it was funny to watch, I hope it was worth it.

mccomber3989d ago

Instead of admitting that maybe they took the joke to far, they attack other people for calling them on it. Yeah, that's a great way to make themselves look more professional and mature, I'm sure this will make people see the error of their ways.

Again; Gizmodo, you are not journalists. You are bloggers. And you continue to prove that there is a difference between the two.

StalkingSilence3989d ago

Thank you for saying this. I was beginning to think I was the only one who knew there is a difference. Also, I'm neither. Just a casual reader. But I do get sick of self-important bloggers calling themselves "press" and journalists. It's a different medium with different rules, and frankly - lower standards. I guess that's why stuff like this happens.

ogenbite3989d ago

it's funny how they're trying to claim they were fighting "the man" this way, while they still covered every aspect of the whole event. it's stuff like this that keep people from taking bloggers seriously at all.

jorellpogi3988d ago

Majority of the readers will not support such idiotic stand of Gizmodo. This brouhaha is a fine example between a journalist and a blogger.


Its about being "professional"

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