The Terror, and the Laughter, Behind the PC’s Latest Zombie Craze

Kotaku: "DayZ, a very rough mod for serious PC shooter ArmA II, is winning over a ton of new players daily with its brutal, hands-off approach to the zombie apocalypse. What I haven't had a chance to do is travel on foot in a large pack of survivors. Like these guys. It's the kind of safety in numbers this game/social experiment is crying out for, and you'll see why in this video. If you think CHKilroy is getting a little too excited, nope. This is pretty much what I sound like playing the game."

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Snookies122201d ago

Lol, I'd totally play this if I had Arma 2, though unfortunately it's still 20 bucks, and I'm broke. If only it were cheaper. D:

ardivt2201d ago

I just hope that developers and publishers see the hype around this mod and start creating an open world survival horror game. except for stalker there's nothing comparable and that's quite a sad thing.

Laxman2201d ago

Like this one!

Sounds awesome, hope it works out.


Perjoss2201d ago

I'm tired of MMO games but I've always quite fancied the idea of a survival horror MMO with very dark areas and enemies that actually might be scary. The kind of game that requires teamwork not only to stay alive but to also reduce the fear factor.

CyberCam2201d ago

This video is old (for me that is) and is what made me download it about a month ago.

I almost choked on my coffee when I first watched this, it's one of the best DayZ videos out there.

Hazmat132201d ago

omg this looks hella fun, damn you pc and being awesome!

Dovahkiin2201d ago

Honestly one of the funniest things I've ever watched, arma 2 is now downloading.

pr0digyZA2201d ago

You need the expansion as well. Check out the rest of his dayz ahead videos they are all pretty good. I ended up sitting for over an 1hour last month watching them.

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