Two years on… an Open Letter to the Pokéwalker

HelenBaby from PlusXP writes "Dear Pokéwalker,
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…. seems only fair given the amount of steps you’ve counted for me along the way. 3600000 so far… which, I do not hasten to add, amounts to a hefty 1700 miles. And I honestly wouldn’t have done it without you dear, you’ve taken something so mundane as walking and turned it into something fun and rewarding, an everyday chore into a means of obtaining objectives that actually have real value to me in my little Pokémaniac mind. You’ve had me, a habitual fatty and self-confessed lazy basement dweller, to actually opt for the long route home from work many times, seeing as it now meant picking up juicy, juicy Watts."

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