Rewind Replay Publications: Starhawk Review

A portion of Rewind Replay's review: "Some (not all) of the missions are repetitive, but the main problem is this is the type of game that is better played with friends. The addition of single player to me was just time they could have spent working on something else."

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VonBraunschweigg2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

"The addition of single player to me was just time they could have spent working on something else"

They did, it's called the multiplayer, the meat of the game. He wrote one sentence about that without any real info. Add a tutorial the predecessor missed and there's only more to complain about for some reviewers.

Pretty sad, especially from how do I say, '360 minded' websites. With Starhawk they really like to put the emphasis on the SP - which is indeed short & lacks a good story, but does explain the mechanics very well to prep you for the MP. The multiplayer. Online gaming. The thing they're paying 40 to 60 a year for just to have it switched "On". And still nothing available quite like the multiplayer of Starhawk. Imo there's a sad sad irony in this, which ultimately doesn't benefit their readers, specifically those looking for something new & fresh. Online.

dazreah2258d ago

Lol people like you make me laugh, how on earth did you come up with the 360 minded website part is it because a PS3 exclusive did not get a high enough score?

rbluetank2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

alot of 360 website review PS3 games. they do jugde them unfair. the sp in Starhawk is not great. it helped me understand how to play better in the mp of Starhawk game. i think the Mech in Starhawk are too powerful. they have alot of different types of rockets/flak cannnon beam/cloak. they can cloak inside your base bubble shield then blow up all your defense before you can fight back. they then warp 5 outside to start another bomb run. lol i hope they only let tanks/jeeps and sidewinders inside your bubble shield. i wish the mech would blow up if the touch the bubble shield. this is my only problem with the game so far... this game really shines with team work...