Mortal Kombat II warriors: Where are they now?

Shao Khan was defeated, Earth Realm was saved, and Bill Clinton was getting “special service” in the Oval Office. It was 1993, and the colorful cast of Mortal Kombat II was unemployed. What happened? Did they go on food stamps? Beg for loose change? Or, god forbid, get a real job?

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Lifeequals422197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Little-known fact: Shao Khan provided the voice of John Smith in Pocahontas.

NagaSotuva2197d ago

Mel Gibson and diarrhea together at last!

acronkyoung2197d ago

I always suspected Johnny Cage had trouble in the bedroom.

GammaSix2197d ago

lmao i wish kano was there

Lifeequals422197d ago

He liked being chained up so much that he opened his own S&M club with Sonya.

crazytown992197d ago

Those fries are going to get cold.

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The story is too old to be commented.