New Titanic: Lost in the Darkness screenshots will leave you speechless; CryEngine 3 at its best

DSOGaming writes: "We've heard a lot of you criticizing CryEngine 3 and believing that CryEngine 2 is better when it comes to its technical features and raw power. We've explained how CryEngine 3 is more advanced and that Crysis 2 did not showcase the full potential of Crytek's next-generation engine. Naturally, some need proof instead of mere words. So look and behold some brand new screenshots from the upcoming CryEngine 3 project, Titanic: Lost in the Darkness. The following, impressive shots show off pure, in-game visuals. Apart from the plants (as we've seen better, damn you CryEngine 3 modding community), everything looks spectacular. Especially the lighting and shadows. They almost feel like real photos."

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MySwordIsHeavenly1450d ago

Holy crap. I want to play whatever it is!

Bimkoblerutso1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Does anyone else hear that Celine Dion song in their heads right now?

Mr_Kuwabara1450d ago

I'm hearing that bass Inception song and thinking that the glasses and everything is going to break. (Not far from reality though, sadly)

OMEGAZONE1450d ago


WitWolfy1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I keep hearing "JACK!!"..."ROS E!!!"... "JACK!!"..."ROS E!!" AAAARGH IT WONT STOP!!!

sly-Famous1450d ago

My speech is still very much in tact.

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urwifeminder1450d ago

Geeves ill have the batterd fox with a glass of phesant juice my good man,looks great.

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