What Do Native Americans Think About Assassin's Creed III?

With a half-Native protagonist that wields a tomahawk and stalks his human prey during the Revolutionary War, this could be a controversial situation.

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Nitrowolf22075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Well glad she is thinking positive to this as for that second part, really? I am sorry but if anyone gets offended because this is telling of Native Americans and showing how they rip heads and run around with tomahawk then that's just stupid TBH. They should look at the series as a whole and not take to offense since this in reality, the game is about assassins and not entirely about some specific race.

Some people will get offended over anything nowadays, and though it hasn't happened yet I would be surprised if it does.

NYC_Gamer2075d ago

Its just a video game and people shouldn't get upset