Next Tales of countdown site launched

Gematsu: "Namco Bandai has launched the countdown website for its next Tales game."

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Snookies122112d ago

If it's anywhere near as good as Tales of Graces, count me in!

VsAssassin2112d ago

The battle in Graces F is one of the best, if not THE best yet, in Tales of games history. My friends who bought the Japanese version of Xillia said that Xillia's battle is even better.

On topic: I hope this new game comes out on the PS3. I hope it's exclusive, if not make it multiplatform.

NewMonday2112d ago

i got Tales of Graces while my heart was on Xillia, but it Graces just garbed me, 2.5 weeks just zipped by.

i hope they confirm Xillia for the west, it is done by the Vesperia team who do better music and animation

Game4life2112d ago

I still hope tales of xillia will be localized

catfrog2112d ago

i wonder if they'll end up localizing this game...

gtxgamer22112d ago

CALLING IT!! Vita version (:

Jazz41082112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

We already have had 2 Tales games this gen that were exclusive. First the 360 got Vesperia which the ps3 never got and then ps3 got Grace. My money is on multi platform for this one for the US anyways.

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