Destructoid - Way of the Samurai 4 Preview

Destructoid's Alessandro Fillari writes, "The Way of the Samurai series has a cult following here in the states. The open ended gameplay and emphasis on story turned many heads back with its original release in 2002. The fourth installment of the series, coming courtesy of XSEED games, seeks to return to its roots and provide a compelling experience for newcomers and fans alike."

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DG902260d ago

"Night Crawling," your character can sneak into the house of a woman you're attempting to romance, and try to seduce and manhandle your way into their bed"..... Erm.. That's kinda rape?

P.s I know graphics aren't everything... But jheez come one it's 2012..

bunfighterii2260d ago

I really loved these games on PS2. Authentic Samurai experiences are few and far between on Playstation. I loved Kengo: Master of Bushido too. That was so cool.

DG902260d ago

Agreed I loved these games on ps2!