Jesus H. Me

Leon delves into The You Testament, a game in which the player assumes the role of Jesus Christ. The jokes in this episode are pretty much what you would expect from Heart of Gaming by now. Fair warning.

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CircleGuy2137d ago

Damnit Leon, stop getting better

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SilentNegotiator2137d ago

I'm pretty sure the game's creator(s?) are legally insane.

Grap2137d ago

HE IS AN IDIOT. not bucz I am christian because am not. because he is a troll who just make these video just to upset religious ppl.

wallis2137d ago

Let's all get really angry about people misrepresenting a guy who's main message was peace and understanding.

cpayne932137d ago

Hmm that does seem ironic now that you mention it. Of course, the christian thing to do is try to reach out with love to change people. But this is the internet! We have to curse each other out!

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