Capcom: Steel Battalion the most accurate Kinect game yet

Eurogamer writes: Capcom reckons Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is the most accurate Kinect game yet.

The Japanese company, which drafted in Dark Souls developer From Software to handle production, had a huge helping hand from Kinect maker Microsoft in getting the tech just right.

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from the beach1901d ago

So pumped for this one, sounds like they've got a great balance of thumbstick and gesture controls and - more importantly - grafted it on to a really exciting game.

dontbhatin1901d ago

thats not a hard achievement to do. since all the kinect games out now are very inaccurate

360GamerFG1901d ago

Lol the irony. . .don't be hating.

Outside_ofthe_Box1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Ah, you are finally defending instead of attacking... not too surprising that it happens to be kinect though. =/

dontbhatin1901d ago

there is a difference between hating and expressing the truth and my opinion.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1901d ago

Wow @_@ And there has been millions of kinect games. This must be amazing!!!

Stansolo1901d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

FlashXIII1901d ago

A control based mech game with kinect functionality which could actually make sense? For me personally, this is the sort of thing which would make me look to getting Kinect providing the game was aimed at the core market. Too bad it's Capcom who are behind it, instantly makes me want to say no.

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