Rumor: 2K9 College Hoops Canned, EA Seeks NCAA Deal

Rumor has it that 2K Sports have walked away from negotiations with The Collegiate Licensing Company and that 2K9 College Hoops has been officially canned due to the break down in the talks.

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BigKev453927d ago

College hoop games have sucked, EA can have NCAA.


Why dont they just let everybody have the licensed you jerks , I have been down with EA and there sports games from day one , But I want to see other devs try to make a sports games now . The games they have been coming out with have fallen off... The first time this year where i played madden for about a week and got bored ..

Grown Folks Talk3927d ago

gettin their @sses handed to them like they were with NFL 2K series.

Monchichi0253927d ago

Cause we all know how stupid your comment is. EA bought the NFL license because 2K was quickly catching up to Madden in sales. And 2K was a WAY better product then Madden. Madden pretty much sucks as a football game and is the reason me and my friends have not gotten a game since. We continue to play 2K5 with an updated roster instead.

On another note, anybody know when EA's license runs out with the NFL.

Grown Folks Talk3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

getting their @ss handed to them. Thus, the reason they bought the rights. I have NFL 2K5 myself. The 2 best football games of all times...Tecmo Bowl on NES, & NFL 2K5 on xbox. I've been playing 2K since Dreamcast.

ER1X3927d ago

Awesome, another game for EA to monopolize and ruin.

nupes983927d ago

The 2k series is a alot better.