Analyst: Sony will focus on games at E3 plus possible PS3 price cut

XMNR: On Sunday, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter revealed some of what Sony has planned for this year's E3 press conference on June 4 and it should provide a stark contrast to Microsoft's multimedia entertainment focus for the Xbox 360. He also thinks the PS3 is in for another round of price cuts despite recent financial disclosures that pointed to the last console price cut as part of the reason for the company's losses.

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NYC_Gamer2288d ago

Sony main focus @E3 should be the Vita since it really needs the software support

user54670072288d ago

I hope it isn't

I'm not saying I don't like it or it dosen't deserve it...I just want to see some unnanounced surprizes for the PS3. Having an entire show for the PSV would seem pretty boring for those who havent got one yet...I'm sure theres more people out there waiting for more info on PS3 games (some which havent been heard for ages...Eight Days, Getaway 3, Last guardian, Agent etc) then PSV games.

The PSV should have agood amount of showtime on stage but it should mostly be focused on the PS3

Outside_ofthe_Box2288d ago

***"The PSV should have agood amount of showtime on stage but it should mostly be focused on the PS3 "***

That is EXACTLY how I feel. Well said.

Pintheshadows2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

I think they* need to hit a nice balance between PS3 and Vita announcements.

Eight Days, Getaway 3, Last guardian, Agent. I'd love to see those as well as Syphon Filter and Medievil.

GodHandDee2288d ago

Absolutely disagree. It should mostly be focused on the hardware that was just released, especially if they plan on bringing the next home console next year

Besides we have plenty of announced PS3 games to look forward to like GOW:A, PS All stars and TLOU

I hope (and I'm sure it will be) mainly about the PS Vita

Anon19742288d ago

I don't think any focus needs to be on the Vita. The PS3 is what is going to butter Sony's bread when it comes to the games division. The PSP was always a "oh, and we also offer" type of product. It was never a huge money maker for Sony, but it held it's own. The Vita is no different. In contrast, Nintendo's main source of revenue was the DS until just the past couple of years when the Wii matched it. Nintendo needs the 3DS to do well to replace lost DS revenue. The Gamecube was pretty much a write off for them, but the Gameboy Advance and DS by far brought in the most money. Nintendo can't afford to not replace the DS.

Sony was never in that situation. For them, it's all about replacing the void left by the PS2, and they aren't going to do that with the Vita, they're going to do that with the PS3. A price drop to $199 and in another 2 or 3 years when the next gen rolls out, Sony could comfortable be sitting with 100 million PS3's sold, and with their high attach rates (I remember when Microsoft used to beat their chest and trumpet attach rates. Now, not so much) 100 million PS3's would move a lot of software. 360 should be in the same boat, especially with the rumored 360 lite and $99 subscription bundle incoming.

guitarded772288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

PS3 is now their money maker... they need to show that they are still supporting the hell out of it first and foremost. With the Wii U being the hot holiday item (which will be in shot supply), a PS3 price drop and a ready supply would assure mega sales for all those looking for a console this holiday season, and showing heavy support of PS3 titles will make the PS3 even more compelling to consumers, in turn making Sony some money.

Vita is still a young system and will have several years to build an epic catalog. I don't know if a price drop is in the near future of Vita, but a holiday bundle will most definitely be happening. If Sony can show a solid line-up of titles for the Vita including Call of Duty Vita the system will spike in sales. People on this site may not like CoD, but it's a system mover. I really think a $200 price tag would fix any sales woes with the Vita even though I think the system is an incredible value at the current price.

Break down should go like this...
50% - PS3
30% - Vita
10% - Move
10% - Apps/Services

Nac2288d ago

Eight Days and the Getawat 3, wouldn't that be something... Regardless, the Vita has to be a focus at least, give the people out there who wants one a reason to buy it and give those who already have it a reason to keep it.

Denethor_II2288d ago

People that don't want a PS Vita focused E3 probably don't own one. Though I still want to see a lot from the PS3 I would prefer to see some great unannounced titles for the Vita.

kreate2288d ago

I like guitarded77's breakdown. Thats how i hope it will be.

Im sorry vita, i like the ps3 better.

ChickeyCantor2287d ago

"aving an entire show for the PSV would seem pretty boring for those who havent got one yet..."

Isn't that the point of Sony promoting and selling the vita better then?

Ju2287d ago

If they want the Vita to succeed, Sony needs to have the same focus on its handheld as they have on the PS3. They are absolutely equal; but it still feels like a tacked on little brother to the PS3 which it isn't IMO.

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Akuma-2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

To say Sony will focus on games at e3 is like saying the sky is blue. Sony always focus on games and they cater to everyone, not some. They also cater the most to core gamers that has been there since the beginning. I know Sony will announce a lot of new games for the ps vita that will look stunning. I also know Sony will announce a lot of ps3 games and I can't wait to see gameplay of the last guardian, ff vs 13, agent, the last of us and a lot of other titles. I'm hoping for a hint or unveiling for ps4 but I know its slim

Playstation is the future and the future is playstation

rhcpfan2288d ago

"Playstation is the future and the future is playstation"

Why are you Sony fanboys always so totalitarian....?

morkendo232288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

in my OPINION sony not doing so well becos not many ps2 games coming to ps3 as we thought??? but instead as a PSN dlc i feel we was let down by FPS only games since 2006 and ps2 had VARIETY and now only FPS AND MMO'S games. i hung up my ps3 in closet waiting on more classic game to transfer to ps3 which has not happen yet. FPS games/multiplayer only is not my style of gaming.
wish this generation would experience some classic gaming besides ZELDA,MARIO AND METRIOD.

kreate2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )


'Why are you Sony fanboys always so totalitarian....?'

dude... at least he is honest about his stand.
there's too many stealth trollers on n4g who say one thing, than go all out troll the next.

and instead of pointing out a fanboy u just have to mention 'sony' fanboys, tells me that u are somewhat offended by the statement that is mentioned above

whether its

"playstation is the future"

or its

"xbox is the future"

both of those statements are true in a way and its nothing to be offended about

u gotta also understand this is n4g unless u are new to n4g. well actually its just internet in general.

MysticStrummer2287d ago

@rhcpfan - If you had been a PS3 user who looked at N4G back in 06-07, you'd know why PS3 users rabidly defend their console now. Back then, exclusives were important and multiplats were a joke. Now it's the other way around, mysteriously.

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Getowned2288d ago

I hope sony dosn't only focus on the vita that would be horrible for me cause im not into hand helds unless they make some thing I really really want for it.I want some more move games, they haven't taken full advantage of move at all yet its a great device with very little games for it I hope sorcery dose very well and encourages devs to make more move only games. I don't want every game to be a vita or move only game eaither I would love some new IPs!

GodHandDee2288d ago

The thing is you don't have anything to worry about even if they focus 'mainly' (not only) on vita. There will still be quite a lot of exclusives to look forward for for a ps3 owner

PS All stars
Tales of Xillia
FF Versus
New Game from GG

MrMister2287d ago

Sony needs to make a better Eye camera for the move. The current eye is old tech that has a problem fully tracking the PS Move 9and the old eye was built to work best with incandescent lighting/light bulbs, whereas the usage of florescent lighting (which 90% of homes use due to lower electric bills) causes the Eye to not respond as accurately to the move. Also, if your backed up against a wall, the eye mistakes your shadow for a second person, and since you and your shadow are performing the same moves, it gets confused. They need to make a new eye but a new peripheral this late into the ps3 cycle is foolish. Hopefully the PS4 doesn't recycle the same old eye.

Ju2287d ago

The Eye doesn't track images, it tracks the ball. What you might experience is in high light conditions, the lit ball on the move has low contrast to the environment and can't be tracked properly (fluorescent light?). The motion comes from the built in gyros. Only a couple of game use image recognition, like The Fight or some others (which is always optional - you can switch that off). And, well, for pure "Eye" games, yes, they need a Kinect like setup (or additional infrared sensor).

Getowned2287d ago

Not to be a party pooper but these arn't games I'm intrested in :/

PS All stars <--- (intrested but don't like fighting games)
GOW:A <---- Don't like hack N slash
TLOU <-------- (not sure what game that is.)
Tales of Xillia<--(not into it)
FF Versus <---- (not a fan of FF)

GG's new game im definitely intrested in but I hope its not Killzone again we just got one not to long ago, I want to see them make a new IP, they said its some thing non KZ related so im very intrested.

Over all I hope sony really brings in some more IPs that I'll be intrested in, So yes I will be very worried if they foucas on Vita cause that will be a some what of a boring year for me :(,Can't wait for E3 I never miss it! hope sony can show us some great ps3 games!

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WeskerChildReborned2288d ago

I have to disagree cause even though the Vita is awesome, i really wan't to see some new IPs for the PS3 or some big announcements.

miyamoto2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Sony should have few but super high quality products, hardware & software, that sells themselves.

Quality over Quantity has kept Nintendo alive against the likes of Sony & money monster Microsoft.
Quantity over Quality spelled the demise of Sega against the competition.

I heard Sony is going for the younger gamers this time: Nintendo's market.
Its their weakness.
Sony PlayStation brand needs simple yet iconic characters and games on PS3 & PS Vita. It needs a breath of fresh air like Sonic the Hedgehog did against Mario.

mobhit2287d ago

I would like news on Agent, and some other games. And I wish Sony would make a ninja action game. They have the resources to do it.

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TekoIie2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

I hope they show some new games for PS Vita. Now a God of war for Vita would make my day!!! Or atleast Killzone for vita since thats what im looking forward to the most :D

PersonaCat2288d ago

"Analyst: Sony will focus on games at E3"
Mind = blown I thought they were going to talk about shoes.

TheCopyNinja2288d ago

Hey hey! I wouldnt mind some sick Sony high tops with some PS logos on it.

360ICE2288d ago

I love how Pachter has lost so much credibility, that the writer decided to go with "analyst" instead of Pachter in the title. Ok, I know that's probably not why he did it, but can you imagine?

labaronx2288d ago

the ps3 is doing fine.... some new psn and retail games would be cool and all

By the time E3 hits the thing should've crossed 2 million...
memory card price cuts by at least a 1/3

Bundles.... wifi/ 4 gig card 3g/8gig card

games games games.....
killzone vita
madden 13 vita
nba 2k13 vita
bioshock vita
call of duty vita,
ps one classics patch,
final fantasy 10 hd release date

i was skeptical about vita at first but this thing could be so much more and a huge success with the right vision

SuperStrokey11232287d ago

Id say cut the hardware price andleave the cards the same price as that will move more units than the other way

Ju2287d ago

I disagreed but you are probably right. Doesn't help people like me who prefer to by downloads instead of game cards, though...especially if you have to update mem cards when one is full. But it might be the better thing for Sony, true.

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