Interview with David Kushner author of Jacked: The Story of Grand Theft Auto

Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto by video games journalist David Kushner explores the creation of the Grand Theft Auto. The Dialog Tree spoke with Kushner to discuss GTA's ambitious creators, the evolution of the franchise and the cultural changes it has provoked.

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JakemanPS319942202d ago

i saw this the other day at barnes and noble. I thought it was just book based off the games like many other books are.... im really mad i didnt even give it a chance. I'll get it next time

RinkyDinkyDan2202d ago

It's a really good read actually. Worth a go, and I would love to see more books like it.

coolbeans2201d ago

I'll be sure to check it out eventually :). I can't help but expect the best in their narratives since SA.