Digital Foundry vs. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

From day one, the outright simplicity of Minecraft's core design has been at the heart of its success. Whether you're a modder or a budding block architect, the underlying engine is very upfront with its mechanics, making it easy for just about anyone to understand, to pick apart, and ultimately to make their own.

It's easy to assume a game of this nature would make any platform jump with relative ease. On task to find out whether this was actually the case was Dundee-based 4J Studios, the team that went the extra mile for the feature-rich conversion of Perfect Dark on XBLA, and which is now dead-focused on updating Minecraft 360 Edition to match the features available on PC. Or at least, as close to it as Microsoft's regulations will allow.

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YodaCracker2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

I won a free copy of this game in Raptr's giveaway. I had never played Minecraft before, but now I know what I was missing. I have already put an ungodly amount of hours into the game. With most games these days, a fatigue sets in and I only play a couple hours at a time, but when I'm playing Minecraft, I lose myself and the hours just tick away. There's just something about this game that I can't quite put my finger on...