Starhawk – Hot Fixes, Matchmaking for Co-Op, Complaint System and Beta Gifts Release Dates

MP1st - Dylan Jobe has revealed some details about upcoming fixes along with when Starhawk players can expect their beta gifts.

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Lubu2199d ago

I desperately want matchmaking for coop so I can play with others, and a full team. Going at it alone is exhausting running from one side of the map to the other.
.... I know, I have no friends.

BitbyDeath2199d ago

The main thing i want is custom soundtracks.
I hear the feature is coming, i just want it sooner rather than later.

Nitrowolf22199d ago

Yep it's coming in a later patch :)

OhReginald2199d ago

There is no reason to exclude matchmaking co-op in the first place. Patch it pronto.

spunnups2199d ago

yeah i tried coop today and wondered why i wqs playing by myself, how did this NOT come with the retail release?!?

LackTrue4K2199d ago

"thanks to all that helped out on my last comment, (ran out of bubbles to tell them)".

got it working now....dont know why? but i had to log out and back in the psn to get it to work. the online is fun, i get kill alot. but its not keeping me from hitting them top ranks. :)

DirtyLary2199d ago

Then play MP as the series is intended. Co=op is a just a tacked on gimmick, as in most MP shooters this generation. Put your big boy pants on and play vs humans, not easy bots.

OhReginald2199d ago

You would be surprised how hard the bots are in co-op mode on mercenary mode. A lot more harder then the scrubs in online multiplayer.

Nitrowolf22199d ago

Don't know if you even played co-op or even have the game for that matter. Co-op in this game is actually hard. Anyway it's like a survival mode, there's no reason why it shouldn't have been missing matchmaking anyway.

BitbyDeath2199d ago

I already got my Warhawk paint and glowy hand off the AU PSN store. XD

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