NBA 2K13: 7 Ideas & improvements for a more complete game

Since the Nba 2k series has been released before the pinnacle of the new millennium, it has change the way true basketball fans transform their fantasy into four quarters of virtual reality. Here are 7 things that Nba 2k13 will need to stay on top of the competition.

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NewYorkCityGamer2231d ago

i dont see how nbalive or elite can ever compete with 2k

KiLLUMiNATi_892230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

If u know real basketball bro, 2k has many many flaws. That game needs major improvements and needs to be rebuild from ground up again.. Only reason fans like myself give it a pass it's cause lets see it's the only basketball game in the market and which translate to NO COMPETITION what so ever..

Can't run proper plays,on ball defense sucks (most rookies online let the CPU play the opposing player). Pick n Rolls r simply terrible. Dribbles are disgusted. Can't take advantage of mismatches example on a iso ROSE can't get passed Pau GaSoft. Graphics looks outdated n boy lets not get on online mode, can we say GLITCH FEST. Can't pass properly such as cant bounce pass whenever u want. Too many miss layups. All jokes aside u don't gotta know nothing about basketball to play that game.

2k is a ok game, us true basketball fans gotta accept that game as is despite having MAJOR flaws and nba live can compete when they come back but only if hard work and effort is put into the game, if not its doomed once again..

THamm2231d ago

Just the way Dirk shoots and hits that 3 pointer in 2k12 outshines

nevin12231d ago

1.Bring back My Player Pick up game, and the full Blacktop mode including 1 on 1, 2 on 2 3 on 3, 5 on 5, dunk/3 point contest. How dare they charge $9.99 for it in 2K12.

2. Improve passing

3. Improve physics/animation(maybe we have to wait to PS4/720)

4. Better create a player option

5. Improve online( was even worse than previous years

6. Improve loading- Is it me, or 2K12 took longer to load than previous 2Ks?

cb4g2231d ago

The game needs to do a better job with taking into account player defense vs CPU offense. There are so many times during the game when stellar defense can amount to nothing and that gets frustrating. Sometimes my controlled player's hands even go through the ball and the CPU's shot goes in swish. CPU percentages are through the roof.

Tonester9252230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

1.Real Sweat and Hair! - Dirk's hair is weak.

2.Better looking shoes. For a basketball game I thought that their shoes would look great. -_-

3.More on Court Chatter

4.Better Facial Expressions when slam dunking and getting physical in the paint

5.Did they get lazy with this additions Highlight reel? I would rather have the 2k11 highlight reel than this years. Like its choppy and sometimes you can't see what happens because of the "Camera Flashes"?

6.I loved this years Slam-Cam! with the better facial expressions and physics engine I would like the dunks more.

7.Like Madden had the "Ice the Kicker mode" Have a "Clutch Moment mode" at the free throw line.

Better in-paint Physic Engine. Like Backbreaker Natural Motions Euphoria Engine!

A better NBA Blacktop. 2k12 was lazy when it came with this. Made us buy a Legends...Forgot the name... But the game modes were fun EXCEPT HORSE. Should've had a Dunk Contest Horse!

Lets see.. This is just off the top of my head and I haven't played in a while so will add more improvements.

Look how physical the NBA is! And how physical NBA 2k12 is!

It just doesn't give me the illusion that I'm playing with the real players. I can warp through people, fouls are called before my hand goes out to try to steal the ball "probability to steal the ball like rolling the dice"

I hope everyone is watching the playoffs! Good Luck to your favorite teams!

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