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Starhawk’s single-player element aside, the title offers some of the most engrossing combat found on the PlayStation 3.

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sharpsword2170d ago

Seeing some real high scores and 6.5s for Starhawk. Since I loved Warhawk, I'll pick it up.

NastyLeftHook02170d ago

greatest space tps ever made.

h311rais3r2170d ago

That one goes to battlefront. Sorry.

2170d ago
Ducky2170d ago

^ Halo isn't a TPS though. =/

Nimblest-Assassin2169d ago

Man... i haven't played BF2 in a long time... will 3 ever come out? I do not know, but I think Starhawk imo dethrowned BF2... even though Im a huge starwars fan, Starhawks mp is just plain awesome...

Hopefully with Starhawk 2, since sony plans on making it a franchise they improve on the story.. it has great potential but it was not realized with this game... which explains why the scores are in the 7's because once again.. kickass mp, lame sp.

And keep the composer... he did amazing work with the soundtrack

NastyLeftHook02170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

a possible game of the year.

j-blaze2170d ago

LOL! game of the year? not even close, i tried it myself and to me it's a 7/10 game at best, not bad for an online focused game with meh story and decent grfx.
i say put that crazy charlie sheen avatar back man

Nimblest-Assassin2169d ago

Bro... its his opinion, also for how long did you play Starhawk for?

Did you play the beta, one match, did you even get the game... truth is I am having a hard time believing you because of the fact you said it looks like a 7/10, but no you say you played it..

meh in my opinion the game is a solid 8 great multiplayer, meh campaign.

I enjoy stories more, but I soley bought this game for MP and it did not disappoint..

Also the year is not even half done with a majority of the games not out yet... who knows Re6 could suck, Ac3 could suck (doubt it) hell all the games coming up could suck.

GOTY's do not matter, its all personal opinion.. if he thinks its game of the year, its his GOTY..not your but his

Since Bioshock Infinite got delayed, my bets are on Ac3 or even the Last of Us if it comes out this year... we do not know what will happen..

So let the dude have his opinion

Jazz41082169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

I would give the game a 4 out of ten as I enjoy single player campaigns and don't play much mp so imo for the reasons stated this game is not a good fit for me. Other reviewers base it on the same thing which is their opinion so don't get all worked up since its a ps3 exclusive as you will be commited by keeping up this kind of devotion to a japanese company that's strugling very much in todays industry and with this being another niche game I don't expect it to sell well enough to see any more in this series and I did not expect a sequal so I guess you never know but it doesn't seem likely to me with the company's financial issues.

360GamerFG2170d ago ShowReplies(1)
vividi2170d ago

maybe not goty but is a great game nonetheless, is multiplayer madness is great, but goty that is relative

madmad2170d ago

I do think it's one of the best MP games, but I think its single player game may hold it back from GOTR status.

MmaFan-Qc2170d ago

you simply have to see the single player as a big and nicely done tutorial.

btw, hey FinancialGamer... all the good review scores must piss you off eh?

its a conspiration against you!

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