Super Smash Bros N64, Brawl, or Melee: Which One Is Best?

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Are we going to settle this long-lasting dispute once and for all? Probably not. But at least we'll jump into the fray...

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dark-hollow2286d ago

melee by far is my favorite.
in content brawl totally wins, but melees gameplay was more competitive.

now we have metaknight who is in a whole tier by himself.

Instigator2286d ago

Agreed. Brawl would be the perfect SSB if it had Melee's gameplay, but since it doesn't I vote Melee.

CanadianTurtle2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Everyone fails to realize that Brawl's gameplay was made the way it was because in melee, people kept abusing wave dashing techniques with certain characters. Brawl made the game slower paced so that the game can be played the way it was meant to be played. Its so that people can't misuse and abuse the system with cheap moves.

And Brawl still has very good gameplay. There is still a big gap between expert players and beginners. In melee, the gap was just a lot bigger.

Overall, people have a misconception that Melee's gameplay is better simply because it's "faster." You have to look at the overall gameplay as a whole, and that includes "balancing".

So, Brawl is the best out of the three. Most content, less abusive cheap moves, better balancing, best roster.

Although I do have one complaint! WHY THE TRIPPING?!

EDIT: Oh thats right, thumbs down my comment all you want. Its not like you have any justification for your opinion

Uncharted2Vet2286d ago

Sorry but final smashes in brawl are the cheapest moves in the series in general

koh2286d ago

The thumbs down might have more to do with the condescending attitude and acting as if it's a fact that Brawl is the best, when it is quite clearly an opinion. I didn't vote either way, but that's just a guess.

lizard812882286d ago

Agree. I like Melee more. It is the gameplay I like the best. The AI isn't as cheap and is competitive. In Brawl, they all team up against you, rather than fighting each other. In Melee, they fight each other, which makes them more human. SSE is cool, but once you beat it, there is nothing left to do.

Adventure mode in melee has much more replay value. Stickers are useless outside of SSE.

Demos are dumb, since they are timed.

The trophy shooter is cool at first, but I don't want to play it for 15 minutes to get me a new trophy. In Melee, you just put money in the gumball mech, and got one. Plus the trophy selection is very lacking.

If they can make the next game play like Melee [More Human AI, adventure mode, more trophy selections, ect), but had Brawl's stages and characters (plus more since it is the next installment) I would eat it up.

Out of all of them, I'd say:


Mostly due to the AI being lame. It kills it for me. It isn't fun to play with just one CPU. Melee and 64 had more Human AI, which means that they would attack each other. This was cool, since you could combo your moves with another CPU player and stuff. In Brawl, they just go after you and nobody else. :/

koh2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I still play the N64 version regularly, which is more than I can honestly say for the other 2, so I'll go with that one. My guess is that Melee will be the most popular choice though.

Admittedly, the computer AI is pretty poor on the N64, but this was always a multiplayer game for me.

Menashe2286d ago

I'm with you. It's more minimalistic, but I guess it's the nostalgia that keeps me coming back to the N64 version.

Uncharted2Vet2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Melee hands down.

Fylus2286d ago

Agreed. The original has great memories and Brawl was fun with its huge roster but Melee just had a certain quality that made me love it most.

deletingthis346753342286d ago

Brawl has more characters, more stages, more content, better graphics...but Melee was better.

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