Street Fighter x Tekken PC suffers from the same, initial issues and bugs of the console versions

DSOGaming writes: "That’s hilarious. PC gamers have been waiting patiently for the PC version of SFxT and now that they have it, they can’t even enjoy it as Street Fighter x Tekken PC suffers from the same issues that were present in the console versions at their time of release. And although those issues have been fixed on the console versions, Capcom has not applied those fixes on the PC version that was delayed."

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dark-hollow2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

lazy port? not surprised.

Yi-Long2137d ago

... Capcom stopped caring about the quality of their products a long long time ago.

It's all about the green nowadays.

kevnb2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Doesn't sound lazy, sounds like a lack of communication/ testing. Its not even a major issue, I hate dark side of gaming.. They always blow things out of proportion.

NYC_Gamer2137d ago

Capcom doesn't view quality as important anymore...

KeiserSosay47882137d ago

Capcom's PC ports have all been terrible in recent memory. No surprise...

Megaton2137d ago

Capcom doesn't make good PC games. They're always ports and Capcom is one of the last publishers to still force GFWL.

boc2137d ago

This is absolute *rubbish! The PC port of both Streetfighter 4 games are absolutely superb compared to their console counterparts. Before you go making blanket statements about developers at least be smart enough to make some informed comments. It might be true that they've done some bad ports in the past, but I believe Capcom have been working really hard to change that perception. If you want to be critical,then be critical,but at least *try to be fair with your comments!

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