10 Things Japanese People Hate About JRPGs

A recent Japanese message board thread about JRPGs (Japanese role-playing games) noted that while some would call them the "classic style" of RPG, overseas there are many cases where the term "JRPG" is used with a negative nuance. To join in on this negativity, posters decided to discuss what they themselves hate most about their domestically-made RPGs.

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Snookies122261d ago

Story and characters are all that matters in an RPG. I don't care if the main character is a red stickman. Give him some realistic problems to deal with, and an emotional journey. I'll be satisfied lol.

Instigator2261d ago

That's definitely two big factors in making a great RPG, but so is a big, explorable worlds instead of pretty corridors. To go anywhere, discover secrets and encountering monsters that can rip you to shreds is my favorite aspect of RPGs.

bangoskank2260d ago

Breath of Fire V:Dragon Quarter traded open worlds for corridors as well but it worked because it had interesting characters, good gameplay, and a really cool, dark story. FFXIII is just a bunch of nonsense that oozes J-pop culture that I don't want in my Final Fantasy. it just doesn't belong.

Instigator2260d ago

An RPG can be good even with restricted exploration, but it's not what I look for in the genre. I'm not opposed to playing one if it nails those other key elements, though.

miyamoto2260d ago

This is why I have stuck with

Final Fantasy VI
Chrono Trigger
Phantasy Star IV
Breath of Fire
Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
Panzer Dragoon Saga

as some of the greatest RPGs of all time.

Final Fantasy VII was okay but the moment I saw Final Fantasy VIII I knew it was Style over Substance from then on.

Lovable2261d ago

No not really...Gameplay makes a big difference.

wolokowoh2260d ago

I agree but I'd go further with it. Gameplay and the systems affecting it such as how you level or don't(such as the Witcher's system, Elder Scrolls's system, Demons Souls/Dark Souls type, the sphere grid from FF10, or one more like Amalur's), what you can customize and how much you can customize, story because it does affect how you play(what path you take, your motivations, etc.), the enemy design, what you interact with/affect, what you're doing, difficulty spikes/consistency, and of course how fun the gameplay in general is are all great examples what it takes to make or break a game.
The reasons Amalur, Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind, The Witcher, The Witcher 2, Dark Souls, Tales of Graces f, and Final Fantasy games(which are different with each title, excluding 13-2) are all fun are completely different reasons from one another but what they do have in common is that all of them have much more content outside of the main storyline that rely heavily on their gameplay and the systems I mentioned plus more to keep the player interested and because they are different they may succeed or fail to do so based on the person's preferences. To me, all of them are great but many others do not always have the same interests as I do.

jthamind2261d ago

did you just say "realistic" when talking about a JRPG?

have you ever in your life played one? lol. they're the antithesis of realism in every way, shape and form.

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klecser2261d ago

So, if the story and characters are great, and the gameplay is horrible, you're still onboard? You either have issues elucidating what you like, or you have really low standards for a story and characters. Read some more books and then pretend that any JRPG has a good "story". Few who play JRPGs, and have any experience with literature, thinks that story is the "most" important. Gameplay, first and foremost.

People play JRPGs because they like to manage numbers.

Hicken2261d ago

As a writer and avid reader, my FAVORITE part of JRPGS is the story.

As varied as gameplay can be from one franchise to the next(and in the FF series, from one entry to the next), the qualifications for gameplay are pretty flexible. And average or even slightly subpar gameplay is forgivable.

ONLY if the story is good enough. If the story is poor and the characters don't appeal to me, the gameplay means nothing.

Laxman2260d ago

I think of it like this;

If a game has great gameplay, but an awful story, I think its hard to enjoy at all (RAGE is a perfect example).

But if a game has a great story, you can still get right into it and enjoy it even if the gameplay is lacking.

klecser2260d ago

Not for many of us. But, many of us don't go in with very high expectations for the narrative parts of these things, so we're rarely disappointed.

Ranma12261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I hate Final Fantasy 13

because it contains almost everything i hate about bad jrpgs.

I love jrpgs like FF1 to FF10

Kratoscar20082261d ago

i like FF from 1 to XII, XIII and its sequel are horrendous.

Tales games are the worst cliched rpgs so far.

kreate2260d ago

Wada said ff14 'greatly damaged' the ff name but i think ff13 is what killed it with ff14 performing the finishing move.

kevnb2261d ago

Gameplay matters in an RPG for sure, that's what most of them lack on these days.

Christopher2261d ago

The problem with RPGs is that they're never just about one thing. They survive on a few factors.

1. Characters
2. Story
3. Gameplay
4. Exploration
5. Leveling
6. Abilities
7. Freedom of Choice
8. Itemization (gear and inventory items)
9. Choice in customization (items and looks)

JRPGs aren't hated, it's just that their methodology is not a preferred one by many who tend to like WRPGs. For me, JRPGs tend to have characterizations I can't really hang with, especially in regards to style and general attitude and focus less on giving you that power and more on telling you how it is and how it will be. JRPGs also don't tend to vary the storyline based on your choices, since your choices are decided for you. And if you don't fulfil certain side quests, that doesn't affect the overall storyline, it just dictates what you can and can't do in combat, typically. The storylines tend to be linear without any choice.

There are good JRPGs, but if I had a choice between two good RPGs, one Japanese in design and another Western in design, I would choose the Western RPG 9/10 times because I know it would let me do what I like to do. As denoted by the "9/10 times," though, this isn't always true. Just most of the time.

slayorofgods2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Well wrpg's and jrpg's are almost different genre's really.

As for wrpg's the open world and full exploration is really nice. For example, riding around in Skyrim and just exploring is really fun at first. But, when it comes down to playing a game through it's entirety eventually the wrpg such as skyim will tire it's self out more then a jrpg, mostly because jrpg's tend to open up a little more or the new addition's tend to be more rewarding. i.e. Final Fantasy's summon's or new magic. And, the story telling shifts from being a burden to something to look forward to towards the end of the game when you are looking for something different to happen. (of course games like ME do mix in story telling but I use Skyrim as a example of a more traditional wrpg).

I am a huge fan of Skyrim, mostly because of the exploration. But, I hate the combat elements and leveling system. And I actually really like the combat and leveling system in jrpg's. Personal opinion of course.

I guess what I'm trying to say is. WRPG's have a better initial fun factor, but then tend to get tiring faster and jrpg's have a better fun factor when it comes to playing a game through to it's the end.

Of course it's hard to compare these two now as good jrpg's have been too few too thin this generation and a lot of people might use FF13 as the one example of a jrpg. As opposed to the preferred ones of the PS2 era. FF10 is a better comparison.

OccludedGamer2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Xenoblade Chronicles is a great example from this gen, and personally I would rate it higher than any WRPG too.

Much like you found, Skyrim tires me easily. Plus I have always thought that the characters are so boring in skyrim that I find it impossible to not skip the dialogue.

In fact only one character I have ever listened to and ever will in the elder scrolls is sheogorath

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andibandit2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

To be honest these are the things I(you may have a diffrent oppinion) denote to JRPG's when used negatively:

2. Extreme Hair Styles, or extreme amounts of hair, with Happy(gay) colors.
3. Large dreamy eyes, small noses and mouths.
4. if not 2 or 3, protagonists/antagonists, look like photomodels(face, body, clothing)
5. Protagonist(s) is often young, sometimes children.
6. Awkward japanese storytelling, dialogue and humor.
7. Turnbased.

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Godmars2902261d ago

So something that has to go: Excess characters in traveling parties.

As well as calling them 'J' RPGs apparently.

dark-hollow2261d ago

"Excess characters in traveling parties"

thats one of the things that i love about Jrpgs over Wrpgs.

nobody has been bothered with the huge amount of party characters in mass effect.

Godmars2902261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

That's because they stay on the ship. They aren't walking around just twiddling their thumbs as the party leads get into a fight.

They do however pile into a shuttle and head off while the ship is in the middle of nowhere when it needs combat personnel.

dark-hollow2261d ago

well in some jrpgs, your whole party members dont show up unless in a fight or a cut scene, showing only your main character when exploring outside of the battle.

and am sure at least two members follows shepard in most parts of the games.

2261d ago
DragonKnight2260d ago

I love some of these reasons they give.

"1. The characters are all good-looking guys and beautiful girls."

Because no one wants to play as an ugly guy or girl. If an RPG released with ugly characters, unless it was somehow quirky it would bomb.

"3. Opening chests without permission."

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Gotta love Japanese culture. This is actually immoral for them. Remember, they are a country with a national lost and found where, if you don't return someone else's belongings that you found, you can go to jail.

"4. You have a bunch of characters, but only a few of them can participate in the battle."

The person who said this should play Suikoden or Radiata Stories. But it's been too long since we had a game of the same calibre as Suikoden II.

"6. About 1,200 people line up for preorders."

What does that have to do with the actual games?

"8. The protagonist always does the opposite of what I think."

It would be impossible to make a game where the protagonist does what each individual person controlling it would do.

I wonder what the actual translations would say. I really laughed at the opening treasure chests without permission one though.

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Canary2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I usually agree with you on most things, Godmars, but... not this time. I think the real thing that needs to happen is that there needs to be better implementation of excess party members. They shouldn't be silent and do nothing... they should have a role in battle. FFX handled this very well with the swapping system.

Mass Effect is an interesting example (and Dragon Age, too, for that matter) because pretty much EVERYONE really enjoyed the 'flavor text'--that is, the party-member-specific dialog that would appear at certain points in the game. Thing is, since you could never have your WHOLE party in any area, you could NEVER hear all of the flavor text. That... was not cool.

As for the J in JRPGs going away... eh, can't say I care too much about this one. It is a fact, whether people care to admit it or not, that most of the hate for JRPGs--or any Japanese game or media, period--tends to originate mostly--if not solely--with the fact that said media is of Japanese origin. There's been a HUGE backlash in the gaming community against Japanese producers since the advent of the current gaming generation. It's been... well, one of the many reasons why old-timers like me have referred to the past few years as the "dark ages." (Though, yes, things are looking MUCH better in recent months).

The core of the matter is that... it doesn't matter. At all. Whether or not an RPG comes from Japan or not has no effect on its quality. To respectfully paraphrase:

I have a dream that my children will one day live in a world where their games will not be judged by their nation of origin, but by the content of their discs.

Godmars2902261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Need to read my comment more carefully, or I should have just said more.

Got nothing against a large cast of playable characters in a game, but rather when there's several for even a dozen supposedly walking around at the same time, yet only three or four are seen or participate in fights. With the option to change out on the fly an insult on top of the injury to logic.

FF4 handled it best. Had members rotating in and out on narrative dictate with a few exiting dramatically. Then Fainal Fantasy Tactics was next IMO, because you could send excess members on errands and sidequests.

With Mass Effect its just flavoring. Certain characters are present, say things, but its just slightly different than what another would say in their place. There's no true insertion of personality of even skill. Like if you take Thane on Garrus's personal mission where he's out to kill someone. He's just silent, not offering advise.

Mass Effect is a poor example of utilizing excess party members. Perhaps the poorest. It just happens to be popular.

A Youtuber by the name of Sumdboy explained it better, but then in his videos he's talking about a far more diverse RPG when ME is only a TPS w/RPG elements:

kevnb2261d ago

It was handled best in planescape torment.

Jirachi2261d ago

Personally i wish more rpgs were turn based if that's too boring for you how about more rpgs being like paper mario turn based but timing still plays a factor.

Blastoise2261d ago

"Hidden things you wouldn't understand unless you read a walkthrough" I agree with that one in particular lol

MidnytRain2261d ago

God, I hate that. This isn't even restricted to RPGs, either. There are tons of games with secrets far too convoluted to uncover without help.

Biggest2261d ago

That is what makes RPGs great. I thought you fools wanted more exploration? Get to it then! Don't cry because someone isn't exploring it for you. Oh wait. You DO cry when they do that as well. Make up your fool minds already! You'll understand the hidden things if you take the time to do all of the exploring that you whine about not having enough of. Either embrace the corridors that spell it out for you, or leave the sob tissues home and explore the vast open areas provided to you.

Blastoise2261d ago

You sound like a reaaaal jackass. Calm down bro

goldwyncq2260d ago

I believe that tv tropes called it guide dang it.

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