Max Payne 3 Vs. Diablo III – What will you be Playing

We take a look at two of the most anticipated titles coming out this year. It just so happens, they're coming out on the same day! Which one will you be playing?

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Relientk771922d ago

For me both. Diablo III now, Max Payne sometime in the future.

adorie1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Yep, both. I wanna try playing both on two seperate monitors, simultaneously, thanks to this article. lol :)

Nimblest-Assassin1921d ago

Never played a Max Payne nor a Diablo... so I was thinking... which one to try... so I said

Why not both... and thats how I pre ordered and paid of both games today...

I mean, Its great to broaden your horizons in gaming, also I think Diablo will be a great start to get me invested in a proper gaming PC

Spinal1921d ago

Yep just how im thinkin. Diablo 3 now an Max Payne 3 sometime in the future for my 360.

Whitefeather1922d ago

Max Payne 3, I don't enjoy Diablo much.

Saryk1921d ago

Neither until the reviews and hype are out...........

kevnb1921d ago

the reviews are going to be completely useless for both these games, but I can already tell diablo 3 is much better. Max Payne 3 looks like shit.

Raider691921d ago

Another that knows how the game plays and whats the better by the looks!We are all doom if we go by your shity crap talk!!

hiredhelp1921d ago

2 very differnt games for me im no fan RPGs thoe there great but for me Max payne 3.