Wii U menu and user interface mockups

A series of mockups for the Wii U menu screens and user interface.

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NastyLeftHook02256d ago

cant wait for the next metroid, anyways cool menus.

shackdaddy2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

The first two pictures are really cool, the third one is ok(I don't like the TV part of it though), the fourth one is just a windows metro c/p, then the fifth picture just looks really dumb.

Shok2256d ago

The first one is awesome. I like it a lot.

Instigator2256d ago

The visor one looks so great, and needs to happen.

Rearden2255d ago

Yeah, although I don't think Nintendo will go into that kind of "radical" design.

Instigator2255d ago

Probably not. It would be awesome if Nintendo allowed for customisation and let users share their designs as an alternative, but I wouldn't bet on that happening either.

Metroid0072255d ago

Nintendo have the best menu's there easy to use which is the hardest thing to do when making an interface end of.

3DS menu system is rock solid love it.

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