Playstation 3D Display Bundle on sale for $250 at Best Buy

XMNR: Best Buy dropped the price of the Playstation 3D Display some more on Sunday setting the 3D TV at its lowest price yet in the United States.

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dougr2227d ago

How is this thing as a computer monitor?

NukaCola2227d ago

I am using it right now. I set it up as extended monitor and use the TV to watch streamed TV while Skyping with my wife on the PC. It is very good. This is a great TV for college peeps, deployed peeps, or anyone who want s a sharp looking TV. The speakers are good, the 3D is great. I got the Motorstorm bundle and it was worth it.

darkequitus2227d ago

Just bought online! I will pick mine up when Bestbuy opens

Y_51502227d ago

Sony is selling their Uncharted 3 PS3 bundle for $270
That is a great deal I think.

ChunkyLover532227d ago

If this thing drops $50 I'm all in. I think its a bit small, but I could maybe use it as a monitor if it drops to $199.

dericb112227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

So $250 is not enough of a price drop? It was listed at $500 with $70 second glasses. You would save $320.

They took the second pair of glasses away but still 250 is great.

ChunkyLover532227d ago

I could use a new monitor, which I have a realistic budget of $150 for. I cant really afford to go $100 over budget for a monitor. I could get a bigger monitor for that price.

Its too small to be a television and doesn't have a tuner. Its not my fault the thing was priced too high to begin with.

I think $199 would be a sweet price point for a lot of people.

dougr2227d ago

I agree, even at $250 I'm going to pass. I would use it as a computer monitor mainly when I am playing my ps3 on my normal computer monitor (has much better input lag than my samsung un6400d television which I also do not use the 3d function on). The 3d isn't much of a interest to me, but it doesn't hurt that it is there if I ever want to try it, and the speakers also make this thing appealing, but even at $250 it is still to expensive. $199 is a better price for its specs, but I think with the 3d function this will not reach that price point except for maybe a Black Friday sale.

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