Starhawk Install Size and Patch Size Revealed

Starhawk launched earlier this week and we are currently hard at work on getting our review posted. For anyone wondering about the install size and hefty first patch size, we have the numbers for you.

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LackTrue4K2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

are any of you having "failing to connect" issues going online?! i just got the game yesturday. but i have yet to play any online?! :( And thous free DLC maps, are they yet to be given away? "thanks in invaince"

SoundGamer2080d ago

I haven't had a single problem connecting to anything in Starhawk. The network is really good. I actually haven't even experienced any lag at all.

I only have been disconnected from games when the host ends it.

LackTrue4K2080d ago

dam it???? i missing something??? i cant even see any games online?! i keep refressing it, hoping to see some game pop up but nothing??? its almost like i don't have an online pass or something?!? do i have to beat the game first or somthing?! "im so lost right now"

FunAndGun2080d ago

did you enter the code for the online pass?

Raf1k12080d ago

Don't just enter the code for the online pass. Also download the file too which is really small.

When it gave me the list of different PSOne Warhawk games in different languages I downloaded the English version not realising there was an online pass file in the list of downloads too.

dericb112080d ago

Are those large? Yes.

Is it worth the wait? He'll the f*** Yeah.

IRetrouk2080d ago

Game is so much fun, love it so far

Dante1122080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

450MB doesn't seem too bad. I've played games with patches up to 750MB (Socom 4).

2080d ago