NBA Live 13 or NBA 2K13: Which will Succeed this Fall?

GamerFitNation: As the NBA playoffs have just started, it is time to prepare for the games that will follow. It was announced earlier this year that EA would be getting rid of the name NBA Elite and going back to its original name NBA Live. Does this mean a return to former glory for the former king of the court? We really couldn’t tell you at this point. What we do know however is that NBA 2K13 is coming off back-to-back championships of being the #1 rated basketball game.

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NYC_Gamer2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

EA doesn't have the talent to defeat 2k when it comes to NBA or NFL games...why do you think EA brought NFL exclusive rights?because 2K was laying the beat down on Madden in the gameplay department....EA right now wished they had the NBA license all to they could pump out the same trash every year with added gimmicks and stale gameplay improvements......I hope EA loses the NFL license so 2K could destroy Madden like it used too...

fredolopez2256d ago

the last basketball game that was worth playing by EA was March Madness 2008. If they can manage to pull off the same gameplay and include FIBA with a few international club teams i can definitely see myself playing NBA Live again. can't wait for the demo!

Tommy3342256d ago

All depends on marketing. EA had enough thime to fix NBA Live. So if they come with amazing commercials,Graphics, And 1 big feature 2k doesn't have that will appeal to everyone and NBA Live will make a comeback. MAybe the PS3 version can fit all the previous NBA Lives on one bluray disc for free with online gameplay. Which will make poeple remember why NBA LIve was so great.

ddurand12256d ago

the reason that Live doesnt exist anymore is because 2K has outshined them so much...

bahabeast2256d ago

nba live was never great it was just the only nba game before 2k came around, kb courtside dnt count.

FrigidDARKNESS2256d ago

NBA 2k series have always been far superior than NBA live. The realism graphics and gameplY. EA hasn't made Ny improvements with live in years always the same issues poor AI and co idiom detection. Hopefully it will be much better since EA is using the FIFA engine.

thehitman2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Live use to be better than 2k until 2k6 came out. EA never really had a good start when next-gen systems came out with Live and that costed them BIG. They probably wont regain market share until the new generations of consoles come out where they will have a more even playing feel in terms of marketing and bringing out nice new gameplay/features and gfx. Also the fact that 2k always sold their game cheaper was a driving factor at increase take-over from Live.

shammgod2256d ago

NBA Live will only come with half the teams and EA will make the other teams available through first day DLC.

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