The 2008 All-American Games: Top Picks for '08

Gamer 2.0 explains: With 2007 at an end as one of the best years of gaming in recent memory, we couldn't wait to declare what games are going to be the biggest games of the upcoming year and see how 2008 stacks up. Here are our choices for the most noteworthy games of 2008 in a dozen categories."

Pretty interesting picks across the board, especially for the Trainwrecks category.

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TheExecutive3963d ago

Its Sonys year this year the titans are coming, can you hear them?. That doesnt mean that the Wii or 360 dont have great games but the lineups just arent as impressive.

AnthonyPerez3963d ago

Yeah, I've been telling my staff that we might start seeing some quality on the PS3 this year. That was inevitable. It has really powerful hardware, and it just takes time for the developers to understand it. We should definitely start getting some good games on the PS3 this year.

AmpedMan3963d ago

I'd have to agree. While Sony looked like a neglected orphan in 2007, they really don't have as much competition in 2008, especially since it seems like they're saving all their best games of the generation for this year.

Daver3963d ago

Hmmm what you mean?? we already got great titles in 2007 for the 1st year on the market... 2008 is just going to be awesome

TheExecutive3963d ago

Yeah 2007 was a mediocre year. However, in 2008 I am having a hard time finding a console that has had such a good lineup of games, ever.

AnthonyPerez3963d ago

LMAO, "neglected orphan?"

And yeah, I mean there were a couple of standouts (Ratchet and Uncharted), but 2007 wasn't even close in the battle between 360 and PS3. I can't wait for the competition to ramp up between those two.

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kingnick3963d ago

The PS3 '08 line-up appears to have the most potential but time will tell just how good the PS3/360/Wii '08 line-ups really are.

Noodlecup3963d ago

does the term all-american have to do with these games?

AnthonyPerez3963d ago

It's supposed to be like the All American awards in collegiate sports

Black Maverick3963d ago

I do hope LBP does well in the market. It's such a unique and fun looking game that with the right marketing, it could become the next big thing and draw in the casual market to the PS3. Still, I'm looking forward to MGS4 the most this year. One of my favorite game franchises ever.

Eimmij3963d ago

I think LBP is first not MSG4 but i will get them both and i'm only saying that because we all have been there done that with MGS and we all like it but LBP is new and i have not ben there and done it so it look awesome

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