Blu-ray future limited for some

BBC News, Monday, 14 January 2008:

Owners of Blu-ray DVD players may find themselves frozen out of future developments in the technology because their machines are not upgradeable.

The Blu-ray camp has recently rolled out new features for players, which include picture in picture options.

But the majority of Blu-ray players sold to date do not have the necessary hardware to offer the features.

Some discs already come with a note telling users that they may need to upgrade software in their machine.

In some discs, the note reads: "To ensure the best possible viewing experience, your Blu-ray disc player may need a firmware or software update."

But these updates relate to improvements in playback and do not offer a pathway to the new features.

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bym051d3927d ago

But at least they'll still be able to buy and watch the movies themselves!

BrianC62343927d ago

I don't know how important these future features really are. I have a PS3 so I'll be okay but I don't buy movies to play these Java online games. The main reason these features are being added is to match what HD DVD has. Do most people care about the pop-up windows and other features though?

TANOD3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

even the 100gig Toshiba BD disc if released in the future would be compatible with all existing Blu-Ray players

so this is not news

The article is also misleading

It states :- "But the majority of Blu-ray players sold to date do not have the necessary hardware to offer the features."

Well over 80% of the BD players sold are PS3s. PS3 will support all the future features of BD

godofthunder103927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

i never cared who won because they are the exact damn thing,hell hd dvd even made a 51gb disc.but it look like we have a winner and i'm glad.i'm a movie collector with over a 1000 movies and it's about time the war will never have the success that dvds had,hell sales of dvds been droping off the last 4 years but the biggest reason that it want make the impact that dvds had is because they are the same size as dvds but when dvds came out they were a lot smaller and had something different then vhs and people loved dvds because of collectors went and bought the same movies on dvds that they had on vhs but the majority of the people will not buy a br movie if they have it on dvd already.another reason is the price,there's no way in hell that i'll pay $30 to $35 for a movie when i could buy the same movie on dvd for $15 and buy another one with it and the majority of people thinks the same way.
people are saying that br will start selling faster because they won but i bet the sales of br doesn't pickup till another 2 years if it ever takes off because a lot of people just refuse to spend money on a player and a br movie when you have to work a whole week just to buy a player and spend $30 for 1 movie when they have a dvd player and dvd movies already on top of that the majority of people don't even have a 1080p tv,hell the majority of people doesn't even have an hd tv yet and look how long they been out.people need to understand that they have people like me that love the newest electronics,hell i have a 57in 1080p lcd tv,a bose surround sound system and anything that will make it look and sound better but the majority of the people don't care or understand hd tvs yet so there's no way in hell that they are going to buy a br player over a dvd player like we will when the majority of people doesn't even own a hd tv yet..that's why br never had the impact on movie sales like dvd had when they came out.
a lot of people with older br players don't understand that they want be able to get the new internet use out of it.some br fans are saying that people want even use it,well if that was true then why did sony spend a lot of money so they could give it to customers.
the truth is that the majority of people like to watch extras.if it wasn't true then why do the 2 disc set with more extras out sell the single disc version when the 2 disc is about $5 to $7 more then the single version.
2 out of every 10 people doesn't like to look at extras but sony is trying to please the other 8 not the 2,hell sony doesn't give a sh*t about the 2 all they care about in the majority.
i for one love to look at the extras to understand how movie making works,hell if you are planning on working in movies behind the scenes then the extras are perfect for you just because you don't like it doesn't mean that sony doesn't need it.

BrianC62343927d ago

"a lot of people with older br players don't understand that they want be able to get the new internet use out of it.some br fans are saying that people want even use it,well if that was true then why did sony spend a lot of money so they could give it to customers."

It isn't Sony who added these features. It was decided by the whole Blu-ray group. It's actually made up of around 9,000 companies. Blu-ray was started by Sony but is made up of a lot of companies.

The main reason to add these latest features though is to have the remaining features HD DVD has. By doing this it shows Blu-ray is better. By the time the features matter anyone with an incompatible player will be able to just buy a new player. Prices will be a lot cheaper. I could care less about most of it myself. It's nice to have but not what I watch movies for. I get plenty of DVDs that have commentary tracks and I don't usually listen to them.

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TheExecutive3927d ago

Another reason to get a PS3 for bluray playback.

Vip3r3927d ago

Couldn't they download the update and burn it to a CD/DVD and install it from there? Or updates could come with the film itself too.

ruibing3927d ago

I think some of the new features require new hardware capabilities such as more memory and internet connections.

BrianC62343927d ago

You're right. Profile 2 requires extra memory and an Internet connection. But profile 2 won't really add anything to Blu-ray that keeps people with older machines from watching the movies.

jaja14343927d ago

Also PiP requires a second audio decoder, which most of the current players don't have.

Daver3927d ago

I mean when i buy a movie, i want to be able to watch it and thats it, i dont care of interactivity or w/e else.. i want to watch my damn movie

Capt CHAOS3927d ago

Ever experienced Superbit DVD on a high class DVD player?

titntin3927d ago

@ Capt CHAOS
Yes mate I have.
A true high bit rate well encoded 1080P signal beats any DVD hands down - weather its derived from a hd dvd or a blu ray. I've been a digital games artist for more than 15 years and I'm fussy about my images. Believe me, if I could get the same quality buying a film at DVD prices, I wouldn't pay premium for blu ray discs! I may be fussy but I'm not stupid...

If you can't spot a difference, you either have very poor equipment or poor eyes.

TANOD3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

why would i watch movies at 480p when i could watch movies at 1080p.

This guy supports HD DVD --a format thats already dead .

He is saying this trash because of the defeat of his beloved format at the hands of Blu-Ray

waste of space????

Transformers HD DVD doesnt have HD audio because Paramounts couldnt incorporate that due to lack of space on HD DVD .

The DIVX version of HD DVD movies dont have the same quality sound and videos not to even mention the BD version

kingnick3927d ago

HD DVD uses the same video codecs as Blu-ray TANOD.

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Capt CHAOS3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

If HD-DVD dies, get a dedicated dual-format player..

Ofcourse.. I'd personally touch neither..

[email protected] I've said it from day1, HD-DVD and blu-ray are a waste of space.

[email protected] Because I still don't see what the big fuss is about. A fuss yes, sure, but this isn't the move from VHS to DVD, which really is a big move, this is just a transition period from DVD to another format until some other format comes along that really does deliver a massive benefit over DVD.

cloud360-7th_account3927d ago

because. err.... that might hurt you

i know. because your a fanboy and a sole loser who will go with DVD becuase Blu Ray may win

TheExecutive3927d ago

Why again are they a "waste of space"?

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