Top 5 Reasons to Not Play Diablo 3 at Midnight

So by current estimations there will be roughly 6 out of the 7 billion people on Earth playing Diablo 3 this Tuesday. Of those 90% of humanity, most will be playing as soon as possible in their particular country and timezone. However, I’m here to share why those not playing at the very second of launch may actually be in a more advantageous position. Here is a very tongue-in-cheek anti-thesis on one of the most popular gaming past-times, the Midnight launch. Without further introductory ado, here’s the top 5 reasons to not play Diablo 3 at Midnight.

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DragonKnight2256d ago

"So by current estimations there will be roughly 6 out of the 7 billion people on Earth playing Diablo 3 this Tuesday. Of those 90% of humanity..."

I know this is a satirical over-exaggeration, but no. Seriously. Diablo 3 is not the second coming. That kind of hype will only damage it in the long run.

But for those who are getting it, play it whenever you want. If you've been anticipating the game, and you have the time, just play it whenever you want.

Brawler2256d ago

Exactly I already pre downloaded it just have to wait till launch to get it installed, I was smart and booked the day off work so no caffeine high day with no sleep. :P

Play2Win2256d ago

you can install tomorrow afternoon and the gates will open 00:01h.

JoePrime2256d ago

I have also got the day off work already, well enough in advance to not have to justify the reason to my boss lol.

Sadly, I'm one of those physical copy guys, as are a few of my friends, so we'll be trekking down to the local GS to stand in line and mingle with the other people for a bit before getting the game. Seems silly to a lot of people, but I want that Diablo box on my shelf, plus it's a little social interaction before walling myself off from the world for 48 hours straight. Also gotta stop off at the grocery store and pickup provisions of course. :P

Play2Win2256d ago

dude youre not silly youre a gamer like all of us

Brawler2255d ago

@Joe yup doing the midnight launch is always fun luckily its in may where the weather is warm and not freezing cold like other games that come out.

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Play2Win2256d ago

I have beer and energy drinks ready for midnight. you're fooling yourself by not playing when the gates of hell will open.

josh143992256d ago

I'm not going to play mine till Tuesday morning even though I already have my copy. I have a feeling the server will crash on the midnight release and I don't mind waiting.

JoePrime2256d ago

Oh yes, I expect quite a few server crashes, pretty much all through Day 1 honestly. It will be aggravating, lots of people will rage, N4G will likely be filled with "This is why we didn't want always-on" rage articles... But alas, it will all subside and die down rather quickly, then we'll all do it again in a week when the RMAH goes live. =D

Ramas2256d ago

My dream is to taste mountain dew we do not have that in europe :D atleast not in Lithuania!

sriki0072255d ago

yea, i'd rather drink sprite.

Ramas2255d ago

sprite and coke not interesting anymore, need something new :)

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