Sony responds to “racist” voice-acting accusation in Sorcery

Sony’s Brian Upton responds to a fan accusing that the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive game, Sorcery, contains “racist” and “stereotypical” voice-acting from a traveling merchant character.

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Snookies122257d ago

Lol, good lord people... Here's the thing... I know it may shock some, but "The reason it's stereotypical racism, is because there are SOME THAT ACTUALLY SOUND THAT WAY!" I realize this was apparently supposed to be Russian, and not racist, but it's still funny how people get up in arms about that. I've got black friends who laugh at black jokes, I laugh about being a southerner, learn to laugh at yourself and get over it.

inveni02256d ago

Not just SOME, but very often MOST.

I used to work at a hotel, and we had an all-black church choir come in from Mississippi. I told the breakfast chef, "You'd better make lots of waffle mix," just joking around about the stereotype. (I'm not racist, I have black family members.) And wouldn't you know it, while the chef was able to get by with a single waffle maker for 5 straight years, the demand for waffles by the choir meant that he had to go out and buy two additional makers just to keep up. There's nothing racist about that. Liking waffles doesn't make anyone less of a person. But it's a stereotype that is very true. Anyone that gets upset because people say something like I said is stupid. That would be like me getting upset because someone assumes I like Halo just because I play video games.

I swear, these people who hate racism sure do like to pretend it's in every nook and cranny, don't they?

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trenso12256d ago

i don't even get that one at all, I'm black and i prefer pancakes >_>

Rockstar2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I'm white, and I prefer waffles.

mind = blown

SonyWarrior2256d ago

im black and i perfer chicken and watermalon

PersonaCat2256d ago

Inveni, that made me laugh pretty hard lol. I'm black and prefer pancakes to waffles, but I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority....pun totally not intended.

OT: people need to stop being so overly offended by everything.

Hicken2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I understand where you're coming from, but also try to keep in mind that a lot of racism is right in our faces but treated as if it's just nothing. There are times when it's harmless and in good fun, but it helps to know who you're dealing with when you say certain things, as they might not be as kind about it as others.

For example, I tend to ignore racism towards me, in general, because I pity the person who can only think that way. I'm less forgiving, however, when those same things are applied to others.

A lot of people ARE too serious about it, but many have reasons. My dad doesn't really joke about things the way I do because he's had his life threatened by the KKK, something I haven't had to deal with. For him, it's no laughing matter.

Just gotta be careful with what you're saying to certain people, that's all.

Edit: Ladies and gentlemen, please understand this, most of all: though there are people of all races that are able to laugh such things off or not take them as anything more than it is, there ARE those who have suffered because of these stereotypes, who have been treated as less an individual, less than human. As much as WE can recognize these things as harmless, we must also keep in mind that it's not the same for everyone.

ChiVoLok02256d ago

I think the problem is when people who aren't your ethnicity make fun of your ethnicity. I mean I laugh at Mexican jokes when a Mexican or a non-Mexican friend tells them but when the person isn't mexican or a friend I take it as racist which might be the case here.

Outside_ofthe_Box2256d ago

Stereotypes wouldn't be stereotypes if there weren't some truth to it.

I just dislike when people buy into it to the point that they treat it as fact. For example someone might say your not a real [insert ethnicity here] if you don't [insert stereotype here]. Some people even say that about their own race which I find completely ridiculous unless they are joking.

Elimin82256d ago

One comment on the PSBlog turn into this? Just release the game already!

inveni02256d ago

Those same people who have suffered hate crimes need to remember who was responsible for that suffering. It wasn't I that threatened your father. And just as I shouldn't treat him like I think he's going to rob me, he shouldn't treat a harmless comment about waffles or fried chicken as anything more than it is: a comment.

I'm not saying that he doesn't have a right to be jumpy or scarred (and scared, in a way), because he could be legitimately traumatized by what happened to him. You should talk to him about seeking counseling or group therapy so that he can learn to deal with what happened to him, and then he can learn to rediscover the joy of the simple things in life.

guitarded772256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

@ ChiVoLok0

Don't get offended... think of it as "Yo Mama" jokes. Just in this situation Mama = Race. People joke about what makes them different because it's one of those parts of life that's just funny. Sometimes the humor is based on a painful past, because eventually we learn to laugh about horrible things, because crying just causes more pain. Just remember, there is "real" racism out there which we should all combat and most of it takes place in the political spectrum. But for us common people, we should be above the petty "they used an accent, that's offensive to my people"... because in reality, we're all part of the human race and those who concentrate on real hate are ignorant and will never fully experience life, and those who get butt hurt over every little thing race related are just as racist.

CoLD FiRE2256d ago

I'm Arab and I like to blow up bui...ballons!

atticus142256d ago

I really have no idea why someone wouldn't prefer waffles... those squares are so beautiful and they hold syrup, win/win.

herukuti2256d ago

it must be nice to have the luxury to not find bigoted comments offensive.

most of u people fail to realize there has not even been one full generation in america yet where civil rights for all "citizens" are "equal".

small pebbles make avalances.

Denethor_II2256d ago

A debate about waffles and pancakes with a dash of racism lol.
Seriously though these are bad nutritional choices I suggest porridge with a piece of fruit, not fruit juices; maybe a handful of nuts.

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Berserk2256d ago

But what if I am a super cereal person?

WeskerChildReborned2256d ago

I say people get too offended these days by racial jokes.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232256d ago

Microsoft responds to “racist” voice-acting accusation in ?????

Guaranteed it would be double standards on N4G.


deno2256d ago

Excellent point. I'm from Russia and I love stereotypical characters . Guys like Ivan Drago and Russian mob bosses. This political correctness is getting way out of hand. I can't even whipe my behind without being called racist.

CoLD FiRE2256d ago

I bet your name is Dimitri! :P

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Pintheshadows2256d ago

I wouldn't of dignified him/her with a response. What a fleshwicket.

TheColbertinator2256d ago

What in God's name is a fleshwicket?

shodan742256d ago

I don't know. But I think it just became my new favourite insult...

cjflora2256d ago

I'm afraid to Google it.

glennco2256d ago

it is probably a cricket reference.

Pintheshadows2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

It's the part of the gentleman area that most resembles a chestburster from Alien.

A fleshy wicket.

Glennco, not necessarily a cricket reference but you could say 'my fleshwicket is in your grassy crease'.

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Bathyj2256d ago

So what, one person whinges on the internet now and games developer has to justify himself?

For godsake people, so what if he did speak with a middle eastern accent. You cant have a middle eastern character? Was it because he WASNT a terrorist, is that what confused him? Wouldnt THAT be more stereo typical?

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dontbhatin2256d ago

i dont hear where he sounded like a Middle Eastern. when i think of a middle eastern accent i think of a Haji at the gas stations accent. not a russian accent. the guy sounds nothing like a middle eastern. the person that made a big deal about it is just a freaking retard.

r212256d ago

racist? i didnt even see a hint of racism in the trailer.

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Lighter92256d ago

"Let's see... What can I gripe about today?"