Umbra Is Back: Diablo 3 Clone With Amazing CryEngine 3 Graphics - New CE3 Teaser Shot Unveiled

Here is a brand new teaser shot from Umbra, the upcoming Diablo 3 clone, that comes with impressive CryEngine 3 graphics. Check out more screenshots, a video and details about Umbra after the break!

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adorie1711d ago

this is how I wanted Diablo 3 to look, more-or-less.

Xwow20081711d ago

Good gfx but gameplay looks boring.

ZodTheRipper1711d ago

That's the first Diablo clone that imo looks really good. But I'll probably be too busy with D3 to try it out.

NYC_Gamer1711d ago

Did the studio even try to create exciting gameplay?

NeoTribe1710d ago

We go from no dungeon crawlers to a splurge of them being made. Great stuff.