D+PAD Magazine: Datura Review

D+PAD Writes:

Linger In Shadows (the first PlayStation 3 title by demoscene stalwarts, Plastic) refused to sit comfortably within any particular genre. Was it a game, an interactive video, a tech demo? The answer to these questions is still open to debate, but what is certain is that it served up a series of remarkably striking and imaginative visuals. From flying beagles, cloud-faced babies, floating plants, smirking cats, swarms of cubes and a swirling black cloud of nothingness (all surrounded by a grimly realised cityscape), Linger In Shadows was imaginative and astonishingly good looking, even if it did leave you floundering to grasp what on earth was going on. For the follow up – enigmatically titled Datura – the developers at Plastic have retained the head scratching weirdness, but also aim to demonstrate a new found love for traditionally more gamey mechanics.

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