Nintendo Neglected Core Audience, Intends To Rectify This With Wii U And 3DS

At a recent investor Q & A, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata spoke quite frankly about the issues Nintendo is currently struggling with, freely admitting that Nintendo didn’t make enough effort to retain its core gaming audience. He also claimed this is something Nintendo is looking to rectify with the Wii U and the 3DS.

According to Iwata — gaming as an industry is in better shape as a result of Nintendo’s efforts to expand the gaming population, and Nintendo should continue trying to grow its market base, but not at the expense of those for whom gaming is a “hobby”.

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Akuma-2260d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

3ds fails because of the hardware specs, and one circle pad on each unit.

For the wii u to capture core audiences it needs to be powerful and have a familiar control scheme core gamers are useto. The traditional control scheme akin to a dualshock or xbox controller is the best offering for playing core games today so Nintendo needs to go that path or improve it.The controller that was unveiled at e3 2011 is a failure to many core gamers. I know some people Like the idea of a screen on the controller to be able to play your games on in the case of someone else wanting to use the teli but such occasion are rare and most household have more than one teli. I would never use the screen to play a game on wii us controller except to try it out once to see how it is and I know a lot of others feel the same way.

Nintendo needs to improve upon most of the things core gamers have been useto like graphics, animations, gameplay, sound, and all sorts of tech already seen. Having a worse control scheme with mediocre graphics aren't above what most are useto this gen.

MasterCornholio2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Although I agree with you that the Vita is better suited for core games than the 3DS due to its hardware design, there's no need to be so harsh on Nintendo's new portable. See the issue with the circle pad on the 3DS is easily solved with the CPP accessory plus the battery life can be easily improved with an external battery. Theres a always an easy solution to any design faults that the 3DS might have thank god that Nintendo thought about them and created those accessories.


Abash2259d ago

If casual gamers bought tons of software, Nintendo would not feel bad in the slightest for neglecting hardcore gamers.

The thing is that they dont, hardcore gamers are the people that make console makers money. That is the only reason Nintendo cares about hardcore gamers again, they realized casuals dont keep making money for them

Hisiru2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Vita has much more power and a perfect design for core games but it has no games (I know it's very early and maybe Vita will have some nice games in the future).

As for the 3DS, this little thing doesn't have a powerful hardware, perfect design but it has games like Resident Evil Revelations, Kid Icarus, Heroes of Ruin, Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Kingdom Hearts, Street Fighter and some other games that is already announced.

3DS doesn't have the hardware but it does have software which can give you a lot of fun and that's what REALLY matters for gaming, not graphics or design.

I will repeat: Vita will probably have some nice games in the future, but right now (I have both) I just played Uncharted (which is not really on par with the first game on PS3, and I can understand that, it's a portable game) and there is nothing more for me.

So far I have these games on the 3DS:
-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
-Super Mario 3D Land
-Resident Evil: Revelations
-Kid Icarus: Uprising
-Pilotwings Resort
-Mario Kart 7
-Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

I finished Kid Icarus and I am trying to beat Resident Evil on hard difficulty. Mario Kart online is a blast. Still trying to finish Zelda (I am sorry but I didn't had the chance to finish it on the n64 days)

xursz2259d ago

I agree with what you said about the Vita's design, it really is second to none for handhelds. But you say it has no games? I beg to differ.

-Uncharted Golden Abyss
-WipEout 2048
-Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
-Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
-Rayman Origins
-Unit 13
-Mortal Kombat (Complete Edition)

None of these interest you? They were all viewed pretty highly.

ronin4life2259d ago

They don't interest me, tbh. I own ninja gaiden on the xbox.
If you take out ports from both of your lists, you have more games on the 3ds one. And then there are more 3ds games not on hisiru's list, like ghost recon and doa.

But the vita does have good games, and will have more(gravity daze looks awesome^_^; if/when I get a vita, I'm getting that too.). Just not as many as the 3ds does now.

Hisiru2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Yeah! I can't wait for Gravity Rush! This game seems to be really unique and fantastic.

-Well, I finished all wipeout courses (and played online) on my PS3, there is nothing for me on Wipeout Vita.

-I live in Brazil and I paid about 140,00 for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for PS3, I wouldn't pay 160,00 (current price) for UMvsC3 on vita, it's basically the same game.

-Finished Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3 and I am trying to find Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 here in Brazil. I wouldn't go back and play the same game again because it's really fantastic, but it's a nice game.

-Rayman Origins... well... I never played it, looks cool but I can just play it on PC, x360, PS3 etc.

-Mortal Kombat is the kind of game I want to play with more people on the PS3, using a bigger screen and my PS3 controller.

-Unit 13 looks really cool, I will check this out and Uncharted Golden Abyss is also a great game but I already finished it, I just need some trophies.

You see the problem with Vita right now? I know 3DS has a lot of ports as well (like SSFIV3D, Zelda etc), but it also has some nice exclusive games Resident Evil: Revelations (3D effect is really good on this one), Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Mario 3D land etc. Games you can only find on your 3DS. 3DS has it's own software to give you some fun.

You mentioned a lot of great games, but games I had fun playing on my PS3...

Sony needs to do the same thing they did with the PSP (Patapon, Loco Roco etc etc). I know it's probably coming but right now the vita has no games to offer for me (it's a particular opinion). Gravity Rush and some other games are coming, Vita has a lot of potential.

Your list is good. If I had not bought a PS3 I would enjoy my vita MUCH more.

miyamoto2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

This sounds like an apology statement from Nintendo. They sure have a lot of convincing to do. I hope they will make the Wii U balanced console in terms of:
1)brand marketing
2)competitive price point
3)software variety
4)hardware capabilities

The Japanese needs all the help they can get after all these disasters.

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dark-hollow2259d ago

Your opinion doesn't reflect the core audience.

PopRocks3592259d ago

"Nintendo needs to improve upon most of the things core gamers have been useto like graphics, animations, gameplay, sound, and all sorts of tech already seen."

Have you ever played a modern Nintendo game? Zelda: Skyward Sword and both Mario Galaxy games look, sound and play beautifully.

Sometimes I wonder if you're so critical just because you like to troll Nintendo articles...

AdvanceWarsSgt2259d ago

They could improve upon all those things and you still wouldn't buy it.

Goes to show that it isn't Nintendo fans who are fickle but "gamers" who never have and never will buy their consoles.

Metroid0072258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

The 3DS wins hands down its already got personality,Vita is way to over priced and there isn't any 3D which will hurt it in the long run,3DS has 3D and it really adds another dimention to Handheld gaming and sets it apart from all other portable devices,Nintendo Network works better than LIVE and its free and the 3DS has much more graphic power than Vita.

3DS 2x picca 200 running at max 400mhz each,not to mention the Maestro 2G tech that does the same shaders as DX9 and tesselation ect,yes check the patent it has 2 picca 200 gpu's inside,360 has 1 500 mhz gpu,so in real respect the 3DS has better graphic capabilities than 360 and Vita and PS3 end of but the CPU isn't even close to ps3/360 and not quite as good as Vita but it all balances out.

Its when Crytek got shown a piece of powerful graphics hardware in the 3DS and said it could easily run CryEngine and they were very impressed,even rumours of Crysis 1 being ported to 3DS all i know is the 3DS is a true next gen portable,Vita not so.

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snipes1012259d ago

Well Nintendo, the core crowd is the only one that will stick around, the rest (e.g. most of the people that bought Wii) are just bandwagoners that will ditch your product the second some hot new item comes around.

There is no customer loyalty with them (meaning they wont keep buying games, not platform loyalty) and to focus all of your efforts wont have the long term payoff that catering to the core gaming crowd will.

jwk942259d ago

They need to attract the COD crowd.

Moerdigan2259d ago

They need to attract the CoD crowd that wants something different.

just trying to appeal to CoD base with a me-too fps has failed plenty.

PopRocks3592259d ago

They can appeal to both. Let Activision make Call of Duty on Wii U and they can have someone like Retro make a new shooter for them.

Nintendo doesn't need to do all of the work. They're currently making Mario and Zelda games. That's what third party support is all about.

OmniSlashPT2259d ago

New series and multiplats. That's all the Wii U needs to be sucessful. Or you can go the easy route and keep the casual market and gimmick stuff and just keeping on making Marios and Zeldas.

ronin4life2259d ago

It has been rumored that Nintendo are making some new IPs for the wiiu.
They have also promised good 3rd party support.
If these hold true, then the wiiu will be more than alright.^_^

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